Your Home Checklist for the Holidays

Many people dream with a peaceful and exciting holiday at least once a year. In fact, the well organize holiday will not be far reached when you prepare the following home checklist in addition to your luggage. You can apply all of the coming ideas or only some of them according to the period of your absence.

If you will spend the whole summer away from your house, you should prepare your home checklist at least one week in advance.At first, you should think about the bills and long termed items such as the mail, telephone, internet, satellite TV, and newspaper delivery services. You can ask the providers of these services to stop their services during your holiday and resume them at the date of your arrival. Directly before your departure, you should turn off the water heating system, fountains and electricity, clean your fridge and freezer, empty the trash cans, and save your valuables in a safe place.

Your preparation will change if you have a permanent or temporary home-sitter. In case you have a home sitter, you can ask her to take care of the outdoor garden, your pets, and your mail. The list of her tasks should be ready before your departure to be able to explain everything for her.You will need to change the bed sheets and prepare the TV satellite and internet connection for the comfort of your home sitter.

If you haven’t a home sitter, you can give your neighbor or friend your key to take care of your garden and regularly observe your home. You can even create a self-watering system and close your house firmly to protect it from thefts. It will be a smart trick if you can install a timer switch or leave the curtain open to give thieves an idea that you are in the house.

Your Home Checklist for the Holidays Your Home Checklist for the Holidays Your Home Checklist for the Holidays

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