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Yoga for Weight loss, does it Work?

The answer is yes, yoga helps in losing weight, but not all yoga exercises helps in losing weight. There are two types of yoga exercises, the first depends on changing your mind and your way of thinking and let’s call it simple yoga and the other type is called power yoga which helps in losing weight mentally and physically, but you won’t be able to do it by yourself, you will need a help of an expert to avoid any injuries.

Ok, is that means the first kind doesn’t help? No, it helps in losing weight, but in different ways. Let me explain more, practicing simple yoga helps your body to relax it sends the stress away which helps your body to work more efficiently, your hormones become balanced, your injuries will heal faster and your digestion process will become more comfortable,

All theses benefits will help your body to maintain its good health. You still want to know more? Ok, for example insulin as we all know is the hormone that storages fats in our bodies and marinating its balance will help us for sure in losing more weight. We all know that stress is one of the reasons why people gain more weight and simple yoga helps you to replace the stress with relaxations.

Let me tell you about another important benefit of practicing simple yoga, it boosts your metabolism rates by stimulating the endocrine glands which controls your metabolic rate in your body.

Practicing simple yoga also build a strong relationship between your mind and your body, it helps you to focus more, so you can make the difference between the fake and the real hunger alarms that your body sends to you. It’s a vital point in losing weight; because it helps you to control your food intake which will consequently help you to lose more weight.

I will be honest practicing simple or gentle Yoga at first may not be like aerobics exercises, it may not give you the fast results that you look for in losing weight. Yoga has deeper meanings and the more you practice it, the more you will reveal its secrets and your life will witness an impressive change.

Yoga for Weight loss, does it Work

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