Three Worst Foods For Your Skin

Your skin is the largest organ of your body and the one that reflect the state of your internal organs, you can guess alot about your health from the way your skin looks, your skin can say whether or not you are eating good and healthy foods and taking enough rest or not, when you constantly eat bad food and live on poor diet, you may not be able to notice the damage you are causing fore your internal organs instantly, however your skin will remind you immediately to watch closely what you eating and what you doing, below is a list of the worst foods for your skin you can eat so read on.

1- Processed Foods.

Although tinned and processed foods make our lives way easier, but they actually carry more harm than benefit to your body, first of all, these foods are skimmed off of the important nutrients and vitamins your body needs, secondly these foods are loaded with preservatives that increase the acidity in your body and sugar levels which makes your body produce more oil, the thing that contributes to acnes and pimples, that is beside the harmful chemical reactions that take place between the Acids in the food and the tin material, so stay away from processed and tinned foods for your health sake including your skin health.

2- Chips And Packaged Salty Snacks.

Salty Packaged snacks such as chips and anything similar contribute to water retention in the body which won’t only make make you look swollen but also will lead to acne breakouts and wrinkles, in addition to the high levels of fat and preservatives in these kind of snacks, you should be avoiding all these snacks if you want a youthful radiant skin.

3- Fast Foods And Sugar.

Fast foods like pizza and fries are just high in calories but very low in nutrients which will deprive your body from the needed vitamins and minerals to renew the damaged skin cells, also these foods will cause you to put on too much weight, increase your blood cholesterol and may even cause Oily skin, so stay away from fast foods and foods that are high in sugar to have a beautiful skin.
Worst Foods For Your Skin

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