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Worst Breakfast Foods To Start Your Day With

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and what you put on your plate for breakfast is equally important, what you choose to eat for breakfast can either help you lose weight, boost your physical performance during the day, boost your energy levels, increase your mental concentration and give you an overall health or not so you better make good choices when it comes to planning your breakfast meals.
Here’s a list of the worst foods you can start your day with to avoid.

1- Sugary Cereals.

Healthy cereals are considered an optimal breakfast food, however sugar ones are loaded with sugar, artificial flavor and colors which makes them unhealthy for you, the extra amount of sugar the body transforms it in fat which increases the risk of weight gain and obesity especially if you are not going to use this energy throughout the day.

2- Fruit Juices.

Fruit Juices is another stable ingredient for breakfast and it is considered a healthy option, however processed fruit juices are loaded with sugar and preservatives and lacking fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which reduces it nutritional value so much and makes it only empty calories.
The best way to get the vitamins and minerals needed for your body is by eating whole fruits which still contain the same amount of sugar as fruit juices but with the pulp which is rich in dietary fibers that helps in digestion and stabilize blood sugar levels.

3- Bacon.

Make sure not to include any processed or smoked meats with your most important meal of the day.
Bacon is rich in saturated fats, salt, nitrates and nitrites which can all increase your risk of cancer and heart diseases when taken at the long term, you can opt for other clean protein sources like eggs.

4- Donuts.

A lot of people indulge in donuts for breakfast even though donuts can be one of the worst foods to eat for breakfast, these fried pastries are rich in refined white flour, sugar and trans fats. The high levels of Sugar will make you hungry short after consumption and the trans fats will increase your risk of cardiovascular diseases, not to mention the very poor nutritional value of donuts.

5- Coffee.

Many find coffee an ideal way to boost their brain and body function, however the Caffeine in coffee increase blood pressure and heart pulse which can get you exhausted quickly and on the long term put you at a higher risk of heart diseases. Coffee when accompanied with breakfast prevent the absorption of essential nutrients like iron and Calcium that you consume from the other items in your breakfast meal which reduces it nutritional value.

Worst Breakfast Foods

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