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Working moms against stay- at-home ones, which is better?

It is a very difficult decision whether to stay at home with your kids or to be a working woman, and to help with your choice you better choose which is fulfilling your dreams and hopes. Some would argue that mothers should be at home to take care of their kids, and others would say that a good day care increases social and intellectual skills, social comfort and cognitive skills.

Another important aspect to put into consideration is the fact that some moms need to work to provide financially for their children or to get prepared for any future circumstances like divorce or illness.

Responding to moms who choose to stay at home in order not to miss any important event in their children’s lives, that if you missed your kid’s first step, you can see the second and third. Many women who get stuck only as a parent without a chance to pursue a career feel very depressed, empty and frustrated which is a bad thing that affects the whole family.

Mothers who work full time would say that working is not against nurturing the children or mother’s duties; it is up to you to be a good mom and still a good working woman.

There are some stereotypes for mothers who are at home; they are portrayed as depressed, unmotivated, wealthy and uneducated and this is not true. However, when we are talking about newborns, we cannot argue about the necessity of moms being around and not working at this particular phase.

Mothers, who return to work after giving birth, can cause serious damage to their children in future; such children are more likely to suffer mental stress and to do worse at school than those whose mothers stay at home. So, if you choose to be a working mom, this is when your children are old enough not as babies.

Working moms against stay- at-home ones, which is better

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