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The Wondrous Health Benefits of Kombucha

The first thing I thought when I have heard the word “Kombucha” is that itis a sneeze! But really, Kombucha is an oriental drink. It is so ancient it dates back to the time of the Christ (yeah, about 2000 years ago or so). It is also so healthy and useful it was called at that time “The Immortal Health Elixir”. Yet, people in the rest of the world are only starting to know of it recently, and most of them don’t. So, why should kombucha be known and drank more often?

1- Kombucha is very effective at promoting joints’ health. Kombucha contains a substance called glucosamine, which is very important for treating and preventing all forms of arthritis. Glucosamine also relieves arthritic pain, even more than Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

2- Kombucha is also mine-rich of antioxidants. One could write volumes about why antioxidants are important to you. So to make it short, let’s say that they enhance your immune system and skin regeneration.

3- Kombucha is a great detoxing drink. It strains your liver of all the poisons that damage its functions over time. Moreover, it is believed that these toxins are what causes cancer, and many people were cured of this fatal disease by substituting chemical cleansers with kombucha.

4- Kombucha is a lot like Greek yogurt. How? Both of them go through the process of fermentation, and this makes them both rich in live colonies of yeast and bacteria. In other words they are rich in probiotics. How does this help you? It improves your odds against fibromyalgia, candida and colon cancer.

5- It is a good source of iron and B vitamins. These are not merely some of the nutrients you need. Iron and B vitamins are very important for the processing and transfer of energy in our bodies. In short, kombucha is important to recharge your energy levels.

 Health Benefits of Kombucha

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