The Wonderful Traditions of the New Year Festivals in Dublin

The New Year festival in Dublin is slightly different than that’s of the western countries. The celebrations begin at the eve of the St Stephens Day and last for one day only. This day is considered, mainly, as the day of the family, because all of the family members have their lunch and dinner at this day together as a sign of unity and intimacy.

As most of the Catholics around the world, Dublin celebrates the New Year at the beginning of January, but the decorations and shopping for the Christmas begin traditionally at 8 December. The tourists who are eager to spend this special occasion in Dublin can reach easily through the international airport, but should book their hotels and even restaurants early to find a suitable place to spend these amusing days in. That’s because about 130 of the international hotels become crowded by guests and the local employees prefer to spend this day with their family members.

The traditional food in the dinner of the New Year is goose or turkey with a healthy collection of vegetables and potato. At the end of this delicious meal, the Christmas pudding or cake is served at homes, restaurants, and hotels. Some homes serve meat pies with milk and cookies instead according to their tradition. The most important idea is that all of the family members eat together.

At the New Year’s night, the switching soft light ceremonies begin in the hotels and public places accompanied with traditional music and dances. Another important festival appearance in Dublin is the shopping. There are many shopping malls and spots for the children and adults in the New Year such as the 12 Days of Christmas located in Point Village, Docklands Christmas Festival Market in Dublin, and Dublin Town Center.

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