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Wonderful Tips for Gorgeous Eyelashes

When it comes to beauty, eyes play a significant part especially when supported with healthy, lush eyelashes. Eyelashes also serve an important role in protecting our eyes. Like every part of our body, eyelashes need special care to look their best and give you a boost of gorgeousness. Here are some tips to protect and enhance your lashes:

1. Be Easy on Your Lashes

If you have a habit of pulling your lashes or continuously rubbing your eyes, you need to stop it immediately. Such habits will break the lashes especially that eyelash roots are weak. Moreover, when you use a lash curler, do it gently without pulling on your eyelids.

2. Be Careful with Mascara

Directly after applying mascara, get rid of clumps that cling to your eyelashes while the mascara is wet. Then before going to bed, remove the mascara delicately with a mild makeup remover by patting eyelids without pulling or rubbing. Mascara removal is essential because when it stiffens, it can break lashes.

3. Readily Replace Eye Makeup

When left for a long time, makeup gathers a lot of germs that can infect your eyes; thus causing their lashes to become fragile and you start to lose them one by one. Avoid this by replacing your mascara tube every three to six months. In case you get an eye infection like a pink eye, dispose of all eye makeup that you used during the infection.

4. Condition Your Eyelashes

Eyelashes are little hairs that need conditioning in order not to break. You can condition your lashes by applying a thin Vaseline layer over the eyelids before sleeping. There are also some special products with have contents that moisturize and toughen the eyelashes so that they don’t break and so grow longer over a short period of time.

Tips for Gorgeous Eyelashes

Wonderful Tips for Gorgeous Eyelashes Wonderful Tips for Gorgeous Eyelashes Wonderful Tips for Gorgeous Eyelashes

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