6 Wonderful Methods to Treat Cellulite

Cellulite is wide spread among women but it can be unpleasant for a lot. Fortunately, there are several methods to treat cellulite whether it is on the thighs, bellies or bottoms. Here are six of them:

6. Give up Smoking

The nicotine in cigarettes enters the blood stream and narrows blood vessels messing with the blood supply reaching the skin. Consequently, cellulite becomes more apparent around the thighs, bottom and arms. Prevent this by seeking ways of quitting smoking and abandoning nicotine.

5. Wrap Your Body

Wrapping your body where cellulite exists has a long term and a short term effect. For instance, you can regularly wear compression stockings to smooth out cellulite over a year. Stockings aid by not allowing the storage of fluid in cellulite. An instantaneous smooth skin that lasts for a day can be achieved by getting a body spa wrap or with the help of Ace bandage at home.

4. Workout

Working out will reshape your whole body. Although, cellulite won’t vanish with workouts, resultant strong muscles beneath cellulite will even the skin. Going for muscle toning plus vigorous exercises will significantly help.

3. Use Retinol Cream

Creams, with retinol as an active ingredient, work on thickening the skin’s outer layer thus covering the lumpy areas. You should seek retinol percentage of 0.3% in your cream of choice and use the product for a minimum of six months.

2. Eat More Fibers

Foods containing fibers help by filling you up with few calories. Replace white carbohydrates, sweets and soft drinks with whole grains, fruits and vegetables. This will make you avoid storing fats that aggravate cellulite.

1. Apply Tanning Lotion and Spray

Cellulite is less visible on darker skin. However, you should not go for a real tan as it would worsen your skin and thus the appearance of cellulite. You can hide cellulite by applying a tanning lotion on cellulite areas then using tanning spray on your whole body.

6 Wonderful Methods to Treat Cellulite

Wonderful Methods to Treat Cellulite

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