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The 5 Most Wonderful Lessons Your Children Can Teach You

We often look at the task of teaching as being a process someone directs towards those younger than them, especially when it comes to life’s morals and values. But have you ever considered the thought that those much younger than you can teach you life lessons as well? Here are some of the greatest lessons children can teach you:

1- Enjoy life. Most children live without a care in the world, but even adults should do this at least sometime. Worrying about every thing and looking for more things to worry about can stress you out and waste your energy pretty quickly.

2- Be adventurous. Some times we are too shy to do some things in public although they are not wrong or shameful, just daring. Doing these things can make you much happier and can free you of built up stress. Sing out loud. Dance in public once in a while. Do such daring things to make life better.

3- It is ok to cry from time to time. People believe that crying is not among the things adults do, and why that is the case is beyond me. It is ok to cry if you are sad or frustrated. Don’t get your feelings cooped up inside you until you lose your sanity to them. And if you fear what others think, pick a corner to cry all you want.

4- Be creative. Look for things that can nurture the creative side of you. Sketch, paint, doodle, sew, cook, dance and sing. Do everything and anything creatively. It is not just a good training session for parts in your brain you don’t often use. It is relaxing and fun as well.

5- Be curious. Sometimes we find children’s curiosity annoying and bothersome, but it is how hey are and how they learn. And in truth, we need much of that curiosity as well. There is not a definite age for learning so you should be curious and learn more and more.

Share with us what else you think children have taught you.

Lessons Your Children Can Teach You

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