10 Wonderful Health Benefits of Bee Pollen

Honeybees are famous for the delicious, healthy honey they provide. But honey is not the only thing we gain from honeybees. Bee pollen, pollen gathered by bees to feed their young, is collected so we can enjoy its numerous benefits. It is great to know that neither bees nor their young get harmed during the extraction of bee pollen from hives. Bee pollen is distinguished by containing rich amounts of vitamins like B-complex, free amino acids, folic acid and proteins represent 40% of its contents. The proteins found in bee pollen are richer than those found in animal products as they contain unique amino acids. Read on to discover ten wonderful health benefits of these bee products:

10. Defying Addictions

Addictions persist because of the itching cravings that an individual cannot resist. Bee pollen can suppress impulses of cravings thus making it easier for a person to get over their addiction, especially if the addiction is related to overeating.

9. Improving Fertility

As a hormonal booster, bee pollen improves fertility. Pregnancy can also be sped up by the intake of bee pollen as it improves ovarian function.

8. Helping the Immune System

Bee pollen helps the immune system by balancing the intestinal flora. Being loaded with antioxidants, the pollen protects the body cells from free radicals. The pollen’s antibiotic properties also defend the body from viral invasion.

7. Boosting Energy

No need to drink energy drinks that have health threats when you can get natural energy from bee pollen. What makes pollen a wonderful energizer is that it contains B vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates which refill your energy so you can continue your activities without becoming tired.

6. Relieving the Prostate

Inflammation caused by benign prostate hyperplasia can be reduced with the help of bee pollen. Hence, reducing the number of toilet visits.

5. Treating Allergies

Although inhaling pollen caused allergic reactions in many people, oral consumption of bee pollen helps in treating allergies. In fact, studies show that pollen decrease histamine to the degree that 94% of patients were completely relieved from allergy symptoms. Allergies were not the only problems solved, various respiratory diseases such as asthma and sinus problems got treated effectively with bee pollen.

4. Taking Care of the Cardiovascular System

Rutin, an antioxidant bioflavonoid, is found in abundant amounts in bee pollen. This antioxidant helps the cardiovascular system by strengthening the blood vessels and capillaries, and maintaining the balance of cholesterol levels. Bee pollen also aids in the prevention of heart attacks and strokes due to its strong anti-clotting properties.

3. Soothing the Skin

Skin can be protected and its cells rejuvenated with the help of the vitamins and amino acids found in bee pollen products. Moreover, in case you are suffering from eczema, psoriasis or other skin irritations or inflammatory conditions, you will find ointments and creams with bee pollen extracts to treat those problems.

2. Assisting the Digestive System

Food that is filled with beneficial nutrients can be gone to waste when eaten due to poor digestion. The enzymes that bee pollen contains, beside the nutritious minerals, vitamins and protein, help the digestive system to absorb every single nutrient from every bite you ingest.

1. Protecting the Respiratory System

The anti-inflammatory properties of the plentiful antioxidants found in bee pollen, helps in protecting the tissues of the lungs from inflammation and thus stopping asthma from occurring. Last but not least, it is recommended to ingest bee pollen along with a meal, preferably with a fruit. That is because fruit fibers, known as hemicelluloses, support the activity of bee pollen and aid in cleansing intestinal flora.

 Health Benefits of Bee Pollen

Wonderful Health Benefits of Bee Pollen

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