Wonderful Castles you Can See on the German Mosel River

The Mosel is a European river that connects France with Germany and small parts of Belgium. On the banks of the Mosel, Tourists entertain their eyes with the attractive sights of the castles raised on high hills and surrounded by a wonderful landscape.

The castle of Cochem was built and destroyed several times and now it is under the authority of Germany. The castle attracts a large number of tourists in the period between March and November every year. The castle lies on a high hill with a fantastic surrounding landscape. , like the fairy tale castles, in Cochem town along Mosel River. The town has a warm and sunny Mediterranean climate most of the year; so, you should go and enjoy the attractive natural scenes and the majestic look of the castle.

Marienburg Castle was built as a present from King George V to his wife, Queen Marie. Only a few sections of the castle, such as the chapel, museum, and restaurant, are open to the tourists and the special occasions throughout the whole year except the months of January and February. The special occasions and concerts are held in the inner courtyard in a combination of historic surroundings and open-air entertainment. To add a more romantic and amusing atmospheres to the castle, the crown prince’s reception room becomes a wedding church. The castle looks great and majestic from a distance because it stands on a high hill. The castle has about 140 halls and rooms designed with the Hanover style.

One of the wonderful castles from both inside and outside is the Castle Arras in Alf, because you can see amazing views of the surrounding wonderful landscape and enjoy the architectural beauty of the castle at the same time. The castle contains a museum, a hotel, a restaurant, and cosmetic laser institute.

Wonderful Castles on the Mosel River Wonderful Castles on the Mosel River Wonderful Castles on the Mosel River Wonderful Castles on the Mosel River Wonderful Castles on the Mosel River

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