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Actually, most issues women are having are rooted in the same mistakes no matter what stage in the relationship or what stage of life. To help you get on track towards a happier and healthier relationship, here below are the most common mistakes most women make in relationships. If you can handle them, you will notice a drastic change in your relationship for the better.

• It is a huge turn- off to flip out when he looks or talks to another woman. Getting jealous whenever a woman is within his vicinity shows you are insecure; you either need to build up your self- esteem or there is trust missing in the relationship.

• You do not respect his personal space – if he does not feel like talking or in a bad mood, let it be and leave him alone. Most men prefer to pull back and work things out internally; they do not like to talk about their issues the way women do.

• It is really a shame to stop taking care of yourself, for example you stop working out and caring about the small details that make you look beautiful. You should be more motivated to make the effort, when things are more settled to keep the attraction alive.

• You forget your friends and your interests as soon as you have a man; do not be one of those girls who do that, as it makes you look needy and it never ends well.

• You are passive aggressive – being that will cause anger and resentment to build. If you have an issue, be straightforward and honest with him and talk about it; do not tell him nothing is wrong.

• You do not appreciate him – look at the things he is doing not the things he is not doing so as to acknowledge and appreciate him; the more you show him appreciation the more efforts he will make to please you.


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