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Things Women Love Most in Their 20s but Hate in Their 30s

Are you one of those who love and hate things for a life time? Or do you just “take up” a liking to certain things in certain times of your life? According to many studies, women love certain things A LOT in their twenties, but hate them A LOT as well in their thirties, such as:

1- Women in their thirties hate donuts. Well, it is not exactly “hate”. It is more like they wish they’ve never existed. In your twenties, your metabolism is at its prime and burning calories is a breeze. In your thirties, however, a donut can require a week’s worth of workout.

2- Spending the night’s hours partying. In your twenties, partying equals having fun, being trendy and enjoying life. In your thirties, however, partying is the reason for next day’s head splitting migraine and dark eye circles that are difficult to treat.

3- Low-cut jeans are a favorite of many girls in their twenties. In their thirties, these girls are “older teens” no longer. They are now moms or moms-in-the-making and wearing low-cut jeans is neither practical nor comfortable.

4- Staying at a friend’s house for the night. When you are at your twenties, your thoughts on this matter are, “Yay! Slumber party”, but when you are at your thirties you think something like, “Ugh, I wish the streets were safe at this hour, who knows what she did on this couch!”

5- Going trigger happy on your eyebrows with the tweezers. When you are twenty you think, “I look like a pop star”. When you are in your thirties and see someone of the girls who are in their twenties do it, you think, “ Just because some pop star did it, doesn’t mean you should do it as well” and “eyebrows grow on your face, not on trees!”

Things Women Love Most in Their 20s but Hate in Their 30s

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