• Causes for Missed or Irregular Periods

    The Most Common Causes for Missed or Irregular Periods

    Most women get 11 to 13 menstruation periods every year, however some women can have more or fewer periods as long as it is normal for you and menstruation occurs every regular periods of time then you shouldn’t be worried. At the beginning of menstruation, periods may be irregular or even sometimes absent, it could take your body a few months or even years to reach to a balance in the menstruation regulating hormones. On the other hand menstruation may be very irregular at the end of the menstruation years, many women realize that they are approaching menopause when their regular periods start getting irregular. Usually menopause starts twelve months after you get the last period. Pregnancy is the most…

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  • Menstruation

    Things You Didn’t Know About Menstruation

    Most women know that menstruation is usually every 28 days, more or less, and they use sanitary pads during this period, which lasts from 3-6 days. Most menstruating women suffer from some ups and downs in their mood in this period of time die to some biological changes that depend on many aspects of the physical and emotional health. PMS is the first episode to eliminate the non-fertilized egg which normally gets released half way through the period day 14 or 15. The body during this period produces the hormone progesterone, which inflates the lining of the uterus in order to be ready to receive the fertilized egg, and then the levels of this hormone return back to normal which…

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  • The Complications Of Repeated C-SECTION

    What Are The Complications Of Repeated C-SECTION

    There are many reasons that lead a doctor to choose a Cesarean delivery for the pregnant woman rather than a natural delivery including the presence of congenital defects in the uterus, pregnancy with twins, narrow pelvis bones or large baby head. Although there is no specific limit number for cesareans sections you can have, specialists and studies proved that repeating Cesarean delivery for more than five times can carry several complications ranging between high risks o sever bleeding and premature birth. First and before addressing the complications of repeated Cesarean sections I would like to point out that the common belief that says once a Cesarean always a Cesarean is wrong, you can have a comolication-free natural delivery after having…

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  • Things To Consider When You Get Pregnant

    Five Things To Consider When You Get Pregnant

    Pregnancy is a big shift in your life as well as your partner’s, it requires you to change your lifestyle as well as your perspective towards life that is why it is important for you to think and look at the larger picture. Here’s a list of five things you should start thinking about once you get pregnant. 1- What Type Of Delivery You Want. The different types of child delivery can either have consequences on your health later on or can pass quickly without health problems, delivery is a big step and you should make up your mind how you want your baby to come to the world, do you want a natural delivery at your home or an…

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  • 10 useful ways to use nail polish

    10 useful ways to use nail polish

    Are you a fan of Nail polish? Do you have tons of it? Or Do you hate it and it is not your thing? Well, love or hate you will not debate its use after reading this: 1. Put a stop to a stockings run We have all been there, it is a universal struggle. Now we can put an end to it by applying some nail polish right under the run. You will love it! 2. Cover up scratches Scartches on any surface tend to waste its aesthetic value, but not any more. Use your nail polish to cover up scratches on any surface, from shoes and boots to wood and plastic. The choices are nearly endless in colours.…

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  • 10 tips Wearing make up with glasses

    Now with 10 tips: Wearing make up with glasses that turns heads

    We always thought that wearing glasses hides the eyes and makes it impossible to wear make up beautifully. This idea is now outdated as it has been proven over and over that glasses can accentuate your look but how to wear make up that would suit your look correctly? 1. Thick lashes Thick lashes will make your eyes look bigger and better! Apply a double layer of waterproof mascara, this will make your lashes thick and prevent your lenses from getting smudgy. 2. Volume only Super-curling your lashes will make them hit the lenses so frequently, it becomes annoying. Use a volumizing mascara to get them thick because neither curly nor long will do you any good in this case.…

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  • How to be beautiful on your wedding day

    How to be beautiful on your wedding day

    It is very important for the bride to feel good and look good on her wedding day with a smile on her radiant face, and whether you will do your makeup yourself or get it done by a specialist you should rehearse it to make sure you will look perfect, but of course to have a professional to do it is better. Practicing your look before marriage is the best way to obtain a flawless natural look with an image that is life-long to cherish. First, you should avoid having base lines on your face which demands a foundation perfectly matching, that is a very close match for your complexion, and it must give you a clean and fair skin…

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  • Tips to lose weight for women after fifty

    Tips to lose weight for women after fifty

    Naturally, women begin to gain weight when they do not do much of physical activity, especially after they turn fifty years old, but it is not inevitable for gaining weight to be part of aging. One of the simplest things to do when you are not physically active is to eat less calories food and try to do some cardio exercise on a regular basis. During your weight loss process, you should not weigh yourself every day; this will cause you stress and can hinder you from achieving your goal, so throw it away. Moreover, try to avoid processed food for your health and eat instead fresh vegetables and fruits in every meal, for example a breakfast of oatmeal with…

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  • Increase your Height

    Effective Ways to Increase your Height

    I know you are already interested, so let’s start. Our bodies are full hormones and each of those hormones has a special job to do and for sure there is a special hormone that is responsible of our growth. So, the best way to start with is to have a healthy body to help that hormone to stay on the right track. Having a health body depends on some factors like, good diet, doing exercises, drinking enough water and adequate sleep. And guess what? These are the same factors that will help you to get taller. Starting with the good diet, if you want to increase your height make sure to have enough vitamin D and you can get it…

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  • Ladies, find out how to lose weight

    Ladies, find out how to lose weight

    Yes, there is a difference between men and women in losing weight some of these differences are biological and the other are behavioral. For example, ladies are more emotional than men, which put them at risk of eating more. So, this is my first advice to you my lady, don’t lose control over your food and pay attention to what you eat when you are stressed or in a bad mood. Try to do some mediation when you are tiered or stressed, it will help you a lot. Do some strength training at least for 30 min, as studies proved that strength training stimulate your metabolism to rise more than the aerobic exercises. Having breakfast everyday also stimulate your metabolism…

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  • Your child is obese Read these tips to help him lose weight

    Your child is obese? Read these tips to help him lose weight

    Every mother is keen on the health of her family. You may feel worried if you notice that your child’s weight is not in line with his age and height. If your child is obese, you may be looking for radical solutions to solve this problem in order to avoid exposure to many diseases and health problems. Here are some important tips for the whole family, not just to help your child lose weight and stay fit. *Staying away from bad habits: In addition to the food, some bad habits that are applied in your house affect your child’s weight, such as prolonged sitting in front of the TV or browsing the internet. Therefore, you should put laws for each…

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  • imagine sex had all these benefits

    You will not imagine sex had all these benefits

    Most of the people do not know that having sex is very important and useful. Studies proved that sexual intercourse is very useful for our health and bodies in general. Here we tackle these benefits of having sex. – It helps to relieve stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that having sex regularly lowers blood pressure and relieves stress. Also, hugging after having sex lowers blood pressure and leads to relaxation. – Good sexual health leads to good physical health. It is proved that having sex once or twice a week is linked with higher levels of antibodies which protect the body from colds and various infections. – Having sex for half an hour helps to burn about 85 calories.…

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  • Tips to improve your mood in the morning

    Tips to improve your mood in the morning

    Sometimes we wake up feeling depressed and frustrated. This feeling is so tough that it makes us unable to do. However, there are some ways and tips that can help us to overcome our bad mood in the morning. Here are some of these tips. – Start your day with a balanced meal that contains carbohydrates and proteins. For example, try to have oatmeal or toast with peanut butter (and add a pinch of cinnamon powder which improves the mood). Also, a moderate amount of caffeine raises the mood effectively. – Try to go out for exercise in the open air for a few minutes. Researchers have found that people feel better after just five minutes of outdoor activities. –…

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  • Things Your Boss Does That Mean You Should Look for a New Job

    Things Your Boss Does That Mean You Should Look for a New Job

    During the time you spend in your career path, you meet several types of people, one of which is your boss. Sometimes, your boss is a blessing, a person who inspires you and teaches you how to be better at your job and in life in general. Sometimes, however, a boss is someone who bleeds you dry, harasses you, wastes your efforts and talent or make you doubt them. How to recognize such a curse-of-a-boss is in the following lines. 1- Any business has people who don’t want it to flourish or progress, but a business run by a boss that will consume you physically and emotionally has the most enemies. When you are planning to work for a certain…

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  • Things You Should Do So You Wouldn’t Waste a Fortune Each Time You Book a Flight

    4 Things You Should Do So You Wouldn’t Waste a Fortune Each Time You Book a Flight

    Although traveling can be a wonderful experience in which you see new places and try new things, the money you waste on it can give it a really sour taste, especially if you are travelling by plane. Also, airlines seem to increase their charges by day. However, those who have no other way but travelling by plane often learned some neat tricks you can apply to lessen flying fees. Here are some of them: 1- Of all the days of the week in which you can book a flight, pick Tuesday. That day is when most airlines make fare sales. So booking a flight on Tuesday will cost much less money. 2- Do not book a flight when it is…

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  • Things You Are Doing That Are Destroying Your Marriage

    4 Things You Are Doing That Are Destroying Your Marriage

    Have you ever wondered why some beautiful, educated, kind women can’t seem to keep their husbands and manage to push them away instead destroying their marriages in the process? However, people noticed that these women tend to say and do things that can get on others’ nerves. It is not a big problem for strangers and acquaintances who will not meet them often, but for their poor husbands, these things can ruin a relationship. 1- Belittling the husband’s gifts. Silly remarks that make fun of a gifts’ worth and value can really get on the husband’s nerves, even if these remarks are said jokingly. So, never say things like, “I don’t wear this color”, or “I don’t eat this crap”.…

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  • Choosing Accessories

    The Top 3 Dos and Don’t You Should Heed When Choosing Accessories

    Accessories are a must for every woman. They add that great final touch that makes you look like a winner and accentuate your looks. Women differ regarding how they choose their accessories and what they prefer to choose. However, no matter what accessories you like to choose, you should keep a few things in mind so you wouldn’t be just throwing money down the drain. Here are some of the Dos and Don’ts you should heed. 1- First of all, Please please DON’T wear anything with Mickey, Minnie or any other cartoon pictures. Moreover, avoid pictures of cartoonish figures when buying accessories. Wouldn’t you feel stupid when people stare in puzzlement at you as a grown up woman with cartoon…

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  • How to deal with your child who doesn’t obey your orders

    How to deal with your child who doesn’t obey your orders

    Every mother feels the difficulty in dealing with her stubborn child who does not listen to her, whether at home or in public places causing her embarrassment many times because she can not adjust and control his/her behavior. Your violent behavior with your children will not work at all. Here are some steps that will help you deal with this kind of children. *Put the rules and regulations: First, you should put the rules you want your child to follow, what is allowed and what is forbidden. If the child was receiving care for a long time with other person like his grandmother, it is very important to cooperate in the terms of the regulations. For example, do not forbid…

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  • Hair loss treatment for women

    Hair loss treatment for women

    Woman’s hair is considered their crown and it’s the secret for her beauty and charm. But what if your hair is weak and you suffer from the problem of hair loss? In this case, you will need a fast, effective and healthy treatment for hair loss. Thus, do not hesitate in applying these natural home remedies for treating hair loss in a healthy and inexpensive way. *Oils: – Coconut oil: Massage your hair with coconut oil to prevent hair loss. Also, coconut oil gives your hair radiant and brighter look plus it provides your hair with antibacterial properties that protect your hair from germs and infections. – Olive oil: It is rich in antioxidants. Therefore, it provides excellent care for…

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  • Change your ways of shopping

    Do you want the best food for your family? Change your ways of shopping

    You might think that putting your family in the right track about healthy diet is so difficult and needs radical changes, but you are not aware that it will not require more than simple few actions. Among these changes we mention the way you shop. Here we will tell you how to shop in order to make healthy meals for your family. – You should plan in advance to prepare healthy meals suitable for your family members by preparing a written and detailed list. This step will help you save time and it will help you fight temptation to buy things that you don’t need and that are not healthy for your family. – Start your shopping by the department…

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