• Reasons for Dehydration You Never Knew

    5 Reasons for Dehydration You Never Knew

    Water is the most important substance living organisms need. It is common knowledge that if you lose even a little bit more than 1% of the water in your body, your organs will start failing and your body will get serious damage. However, you could be drinking enough water daily and still get dehydrated because of some things you do which you will learn about in this article. 1- Diabetes is a common reason for dehydration, because a body with diabetes tries to get rid of the excessive levels of sugar in blood by increasing the amount of urine with the extra glucose. If you have diabetes and know it you will keep track of what you eat and how…

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  • Tips to Help You Lose Weight

    5 Effective but Unusual Tips to Help You Lose Weight

    All those aiming to lose weight know the basic rules: exercise more, eat less fat, eat less carbs, avoid sweets etc. And if you are one of those aiming to lose weight then you already know all these rules by heart by now. However, there are some few secret unusual tips not all of us know that can significantly help you apply the basic rules and lose more weight. Here are some of them: 1- When you have a craving for certain foods, clench your fist for a few seconds. A study conducted in 2011 has proved that people control their impulses better when they tighten a muscle (the easiest one to tighten is your hand’s) for at least 30…

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  • Myths That Are Stopping You from Getting a Divorce Even If You Need It

    4 Myths That Are Stopping You from Getting a Divorce Even If You Need It

    First let may say that I am impartial to the concept of divorce, and that I am not writing this article to promote it or undermine it. I am just telling you that if you – after long and careful consideration – come to the conclusion that divorce – or marriage – is necessary for you, then you should neglect the myths stated in the following lines: 1- Divorce is harmful for your kids. Those who said this based their saying on things like mothers not having enough to support their children, or maybe that the children will miss either one of their parents. However, all of this is outweighed by quarrel and fighting free environment and more relaxed and…

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  • Foods That Help in Relieving the Pain of Your Upset Stomach

    5 Foods That Help in Relieving the Pain of Your Upset Stomach

    If I was to make a definition for upset stomach then I would say that it is a lousy condition which – if you are unlucky enough to face – can ruin your whole day. However, some people cannot tolerate medicines made for upset stomach and might be allergic to their components. For those people, we will share a list of natural foods that can help in relieving the pain of an upset stomach. 1- Papayas are a good choice among the foods that can ease the pain of an upset stomach. It helps with constipation and it improves your digestion. The secret is in the papain and chymopapain, which are enzymes that help break down proteins and soothe the…

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  • Foods You Eat Because They Are Healthy When They Are Not

    3 Foods You Eat Because They Are Healthy When They Are Not

    Did you notice that most of the food you consume is that which is SAID TO BE healthy? I mean you try to follow common health advices so you eat things like low-fat, low-carb, or low-sugar foods, but are they really as healthy as said to be? Personally, I would stay clear of the following types of food because they are not healthy even if they seem so: 1- Sadly, there are no strict regulations for the food you get from stores. Therefore, it is common to see something like low fat and fat free salad dressing and such things. These condiments are loaded with chemicals and manufactured additives to improve their taste and as a result, they ruin your…

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  • Foods You Need to Avoid to Prevent Inflammation

    7 Foods You Need to Avoid to Prevent Inflammation

    Inflammation is a medical condition that can lead to damaging your tissues, hypertension and even enhancing cancer cells. There are some foods that are rich with the chemicals that might lead to inflammation, such as: 1- partially-hydrogenated acids can increase inflammatory biomarkers in the body. The foods that contain partially hydrogenated acids are many, but the ones people usually use are margarine and fake butters. It is better to use butter or clarified butter instead. 2- Some types of vegetable oil are rich with omega 6 fatty acids which are the main reason for inflammation, such as soy, corn, sunflower, safflower and cottonseed oil. Instead, use coconut oil, or canola oil. 3- Meats with high fat content can cause inflammation…

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  • Interacting with Negative People

    6 Foolproof Techniques for Interacting with Negative People

    First of all, what is negativity? Or who are negative people? Negativity is what you can call being a wet blanket in informal terms. Negative people are those who are depressed and depressing most of the time. They complain about everything that faces them and are always miserable and unhappy about something. You should learn how to interact and deal with such people or you will find your morale and energy seeping away from you each time you meet them. 1- Strength is indeed in numbers when dealing with negative people. Have (drag) someone with you when you know you are about to interact with someone negative. This way, negative people will not be able to concentrate on being negative…

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  • Using Starch

    7 Genuine Ways of Using Starch

    Starch is a carbohydrate compound found in high levels in wheat, maize, potatoes and rice. It has a high glycemic index, so usually people avoid cooking with it to avoid raising glucose levels in blood, obesity and other similar problems. However, did you know that starch has other genuine uses that can help save your money and effort? 1- Want to make your glass windows super clean and shiny in a few minutes? Make this formula for cleaning glass windows: Mix some starch with the juice of one lemon, some white vinegar and some water. Clean your glass windows using this mixture to make them super shiny and clean. 2- Get rid of carpet stains using starch. Sprinkle some starch…

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  • Fun and Healthy Snacks for Your Child When Outside

    5 Great Ideas for Fun and Healthy Snacks for Your Child When Outside

    Going out or taking a road trip with your children is not always a fun experience. One of the reasons for that is that your child can get hungry and tired. It is important then to learn some ideas for fun and healthy snacks for your children to munch on when they get hungry outside. 1- Make strawberry oatmeal muffins beforehand for such an outing. They are sweet, healthy and they help keep off the hunger with the oatmeal inside them. Moreover, your child will have more fun snacking on them if he helps you in making them. 2- For those trips in hot summer days you would like your children to have an ice cream, but you avoid it…

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  • Life Hacks You Can Do with Your Toothpaste

    7 Great Life Hacks You Can Do with Your Toothpaste

    Toothpaste is very important. It makes your teeth stronger, cleaner and whiter and…That is just about it. Or this is what most people think, that a tooth paste cannot do much besides improving your dental health. However, did you know that there are many other wonderful things you can do with toothpaste? Such as: 1- If your kids are in the habit of hanging posters of every emerging idol, then teach them to use toothpaste to hang them. Instead of making a sieve of your poor wall with pushpins, or using tape that will leave unsightly residue and marks later, tooth paste is quick and easy to use and clean. 2- Ever checked the pastes and products used to clean…

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  • Makeup Tricks That Will Dazzle Everyone That Sees You

    5 Great Makeup Tricks That Will Dazzle Everyone That Sees You

    Makeup is an essential part of every woman’s interests. I used to spend a considerable amount of time and money on makeup (it is better not to tell how much!). However, I started looking for time and money saving makeup tricks so that I could spend these invaluable resources on more important things. I will share with you some of my most favorite ones. 1- You do not need to buy fake eyelashes and spend a lot of time adjusting them to your eyelashes anymore. Besides they can damage your eyelashes and make them fall. Instead, give your eyelashes a coat of mascara, then a coat of baby powder and then a second coat of mascara to make them look…

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  • Getting Rid of Stress

    6 Great Methods for Getting Rid of Stress

    Stress is probably the worst psychological disease that can infect anyone’s life. It is the reason why simple things that happen to your body can escalate to life threatening illnesses. It robs you of the enjoinment you find in doing the things you love, and it infects those around you when they see you stressed. This is why you should know and always practice the methods that can rid you of stress. 1- One way for getting rid of stress is changing your surroundings. Seeing the same things in the same position day in day out can make you stressed, so why don’t you change the look of your surroundings a bit? Rearrange the furniture and give your walls a…

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  • Natural Hair Conditioner Recipes Made with Eggs

    3 Great Natural Hair Conditioner Recipes Made with Eggs

    We all know about the benefits of eggs as a food. They are rich in protein, low in calories (When boiled or pouched), and they are one of the not-so-many foods that are rich with vitamin B. The idea might seem disgusting, but making hair conditioners with eggs can be a quick way to revitalize your hair and strengthen it. Here are few of my favorite natural hair conditioners that are made from eggs: 1- Mix one egg with one teaspoon of olive oil and another teaspoon of honey. Apply it to your hair for five minutes before washing it off. This recipe is guaranteed to give you a very strong shiny hair. However, since eggs have that smell that…

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  • Tips for a Makeup That Makes You Look Gorgeous in Pictures

    9 Great Tips for a Makeup That Makes You Look Gorgeous in Pictures

    How much we like to take pictures of ourselves whether they were photographs or selfies largely depends on how we look in them. And whether pictures look good or bad largely depends on how light is reflected of our features. So how do we manipulate the light and how it shows our features? Through makeup. Here is how to apply makeup that makes you look gorgeous in pictures. 1- Priming is especially necessary if you are to have your picture taken. It unifies uneven colors in your skin and helps you spread your foundation in a look that seems natural and refreshing. 2- Use matt colors. They hide flaws and they do not enlarge parts of your face like sparkly…

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  • Tips to Get Soft Gorgeous Feet

    7 Great Tips to Get Soft Gorgeous Feet

    Not many people take good care of their feet, even though they are one of the parts you need most in your body. So, after some time of neglect and harsh treatment they become shocked with how their feet are starting to look like. However, taking care of your feet is not that difficult, and you will read all about it in this article. 1- Avoid wearing flip-flops and completely flat shoes. Why? Because your shoes should support the arch of your feet. Shoes with arch support provide protection from flat feet and other foot problems. 2- Make washing your feet carefully a regular routine. Do not just splash them with water like people usually do. Instead, wash them with…

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  • Tips for Treating Dry Skin Easily and Naturally

    4 Great Tips for Treating Dry Skin Easily and Naturally

    People usually do not seem to realize that the skin on their face is not the only skin that can get dry. There are other parts of your body where skin can be dry as well, like heels, waist, elbows and even the back. They do not even take a hint when these patches of skin start to itch. Well, here are few simple things you could do to stop the dry – itch – scratch circle: 1- Dry skin patches on your body need heavy moisturizing. The first thing that might come to your head when you learn that the skin on your elbow is itchy because it is dry is to rub it with some of your face…

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  • Kidney Failure

    6 Things That Can Cause Kidney Failure

    Kidneys are one of the most vital organs in our bodies. They are the sieve that drains our bodies of any toxins that happen to be in our food. However it is not easy to tell when we are damaging them. And what sadly happens is that people usually keep on abusing their kidneys until they fail completely. So, here are the things that may cause kidney failure: 1- Smoking is a slow painful way of killing your vital organs, one of which are kidneys. Many studies has linked smoking to kidneys’ deterioration and failing to function. It is understandable since smoking results in the narrowing and hardening of your arteries. 2- The tissues that form our kidneys get renewed…

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  • Tips for Treating a Troublesome Mother in Law

    5 Helpful Tips for Treating a Troublesome Mother in Law

    When a woman gets married, her circle of relatives and acquaintances grows larger. And of those new people who is the most important person? It is the mother in law naturally. However, a mother in law might be – like anyone else – someone difficult to handle. So what to do if your mother in law happens to be troublesome? Here are some tips for helping you with that: 1- Try to figure out the reason why she is being troublesome. It might be because she considers herself the most important person in her son’s life, and then considers you to be the one who denied her that. She might also be just plainly different from you in terms of…

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  • Homemade Hair Conditioners That Can Revive Your Hair

    3 Homemade Hair Conditioners That Can Revive Your Hair

    Many are the times when we feel that our hair needs a boost, and that is why we buy and use hair conditioners. However, sometimes it is better to make and try a hair conditioner you make yourself at home, instead of using some brand among the countless many that flood the market. It is cheaper, healthier, and completely safe. Here are some guaranteed homemade hair conditioner recipes: 1- Avocado homemade conditioner will give your hair a gorgeous shine and will make it flexible and easy to handle. Mash a ripe avocado and add 2 tablespoons olive oil, 2 tablespoons of heavy cream and 2 tablespoons of water. Mix well and apply it to your hair. Watch your favorite soapie…

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  • How to Make Greek Yogurt at Home in 7 Steps

    How to Make Greek Yogurt at Home in 7 Steps

    Yogurt is possibly one of the healthiest foods you can eat ever (if you are NOT lactose intolerant). Greek yogurt is the improved richer version of regular live culture yogurt. Here is how to make Greek yogurt: 1- First you need 2 Tablespoons of live culture yogurt, 4 cups of milk (it would be better if it has higher fat content), a saucepan or a pot for pasteurizing the milk, and a cheese cloth for straining the yogurt. 2- Pour the milk in your pot and place the pot over high heat. After 5 minutes (depending on the milk temperature), the milk will be about to boil. Turn off the heat and cover the milk and let it cool down.…

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