• Here's Why You Should Really Live Life For Yourself

    Here’s Why You Should Really Live Life For Yourself

    Each of us have many roles to play in the life, most of us choose to live for others more than our own selves though while trying so hard not to fail while juggling too many things in our lives, we tend to forget ourselves, the case is general, with too many people to live and do for, we forget that our lives is actually ours in the first place so we end up failing to find a reason to do for ourselves the same way we do for others. If you think you are in the same boat, here’s a list of reasons why you should live your life for yourself. 1- You Came To The World Alone. When…

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  • Four Guts Problems That Are Incredibly Normal And Common

    Four Guts Problems That Are Incredibly Normal And Common

    When you experience problems with your guts, you would highly likely keep it to yourself and don’t talk about it to anyone, but why? There is absolutely no reason to be shy or embarrassed of gastrointestinal issues, it turned out that almost one fifth of the globe population are suffering from one or more gastrointestinal issue like constipation, acid reflux, indigestion and bloating. So don’t feel embarrassed anymore, your problem could be very common and normal and even easy to treat right at you home or with a little change in our daily habits. Check out the most common gastrointestinal problems, how to treat them and when to get worried. 1- Acid Reflux. That annoying burning sensation that you get…

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  • Common Bedtime Mistakes That Make Your Skin Age Faster

    Common Bedtime Mistakes That Make Your Skin Age Faster

    You may already be aware that you should wash your face and remove any makeup on before going to bed, but if you don’t do this step properly and you sleep with some traces then you may be adding years to your skin, but this is not the only thing that you do at bedtime that could be aging and ruining your skim. Here’s a list of bedtime mistakes that harm your skin and make you look older. 1- Not Using Retinol or a Moisturizer. People think they should start using retinol after age 40, but you actually should start using retinol products at the age of 20, retinol products help to increase collagen production and decrease the breakdown of…

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  • Important Tips For Your First Date Makeup

    Important Tips For Your First Date Makeup

    First dates can be confusing and emotionally tiring for many, you only have a short space of time to impress someone and the same time window to be impressed as well. Besides your personality, your look plays a major and leading role to get you the right attention. If you already know the person and have an idea of his tastes then you can wear clothes and makeup that you are sure going to impress him, but if it is blind date then you can only be yourself and just take what comes to you. But just to have a little guide that help you not to waste time or effort, check out the following first date makeup tips. 1-…

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  • Items In Your Kitchen To Throw Away To Stay Healthy

    Items In Your Kitchen To Throw Away To Stay Healthy

    As diseases tend to spread more and get more common, many people started to become health conscious, a lot are ready to change their life to stay healthy, from eating different meals to investing in gym memberships and yoga classes. But despite your hard efforts, there are several items found right at your home that could work against your plans. You need to throw away these things the first chance you get so you remain healthy and avoid the several health issues they can cause. Find out what items at your house you need to throw away to stay healthy. 1- Throw Away Your Plastic Food Containers. One of the biggest enemies to your health that you could be getting…

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  • Ten Minutes To Apply Perfect Quick Makeup

    Ten Minutes To Apply Perfect Quick Makeup

    You don’t have hours to get yourself ready every day, but you still need to look your best in public regardless to whether you needed ten minutes or ten hours to look your best. Applying a professional makeup could take some time if added to blowing your hair and organizing your clothes for the morning and sometimes you are on a real rush and so we brought you these tips to still look gorgeous and don’t have to spend more than ten minutes applying your makeup. 1- Wash Your Face. This is the first to a fresh looking face, sweaty skin will never be a pleasing sight no matter how much makeup products you use, so make sure you wash…

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  • Five Signs Your Body Needs More Fat

    Five Signs Your Body Needs More Fat

    You hear the word “fat” and your first response is “avoid it”, if you are health conscious then you may be already aware that fat could cause you to lose your lean figure and start having flaps in different areas of your body so you just avoid it all together. But have you thought that fat is actually a nutrient that our bodies need in moderation to function? There are good and bad fats, the good fats allow certain vitamins to be absorbed, fuel the brain and regular hormones production so that means you can’t just take a decision to cut all fats from your diet otherwise you could be harming your own health instead of improving it. Here are…

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  • Interesting Facts About Chocolate You Didn't Know About

    Interesting Facts About Chocolate You Didn’t Know About

    Chocolate has always been called the food of Gods, it is known to uplift the spirit and improves the mood. Chocolate is not only the favorite treat for almost everyone on earth, but it is also used as a beauty enhancing product and goes as an ingredient in skin care products. Chocolate also tops the list of gifts and more. Here are some interesting facts about chocolate you didn’t know about. 1- It Has A Long History. Researchers found that the history of chocolate can be traced back to over 2500 years. The Mayans in Central America considered chocolate to be a divine food. It was not only used for eating but was also used as offering for the gods…

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  • Five Highest Foods in Cholesterol To Avoid.

    Five Highest Foods in Cholesterol To Avoid

    You don’t have to be a nutrition expert to know that eating fried foods on daily basis can increase your cholesterol levels and put you at risk of heart diseases. Cholesterol mainly present in foods with saturated fats and Trans fats which present in most processed foods, besides the cholesterol, processed and fried foods contain sodium, and fat and cancergenic chemicals. According to the American Heart Aviation, foods that come from animals like meat and dairy products contain saturated fats while baked, fast and fried foods contain trans fats. Here’s a list of the highest foods in cholesterol to avoid. 1- eggs. The yolk in the eggs is what contains the cholesterol, so you can either eat two egg whites…

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  • Five Signs Your Body Is Loaded With Parasites.

    Five Signs Your Body Is Loaded With Parasites

    Parasites infestation in your body is more likely than you’d ever imagine, even if you mind everything going in your mouth there is still a high chance that you have many parasites living in your body. Some parasites can lead to diseases and undesired symptoms directly while others lead to diseases because of the toxic proteins they produce. Some parasites live in your digestive tract and feed on the food you are eating while other parasites feed on your blood cells and all types of parasites lay eggs in your body cells. Getting infected with a parasites infestation could be the result of consuming contaminated food or water, contact with pets, poor hygiene and a weak immune system. Here’s a…

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  • Ten Foods To Eat Every day To Look Gorgeous at Any Age

    Ten Foods To Eat Every day To Look Gorgeous at Any Age

    Having a balanced and nutritious diet will surely help in making you look youthful and vibrant, however there are certain types of foods that provide super powerful nutrients and antioxidants that are especially meant to renew your skin and hair and make you look absolutely gorgeous, so besides all the other healthy foods that you should eat, make sure to include the ones on the following list to look stunning and gorgeous at any age. 1- Plain Yogurt. Besides being a great option to help you lose weight and have a lovely shape, it is also perfect to enhance and sustain your beauty, it provides you with protein and calcium as well as the B vitamins to repair any damage…

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  • Five Moisturizing Mistakes You Are Probably Doing.

    Five Moisturizing Mistakes You Are Probably Doing

    Applying a moisturizing cream to your skin sounds like a very simple thing to do, but turned out there are too many missteps you could be making when you are moisturizing your skin. Read on to figure out if you are making any of the following skin moisturizing mistakes to correct. 1- You Apply It To Dry Skin. You want when you apply your lotion to lock in some moisture within the skin cells so instead of drying your skin completely before applying your location, only Pat it dry with the towel, let it be a bit damp before you reach out for your lotion bottle. 2- You Don’t Use It Regularly. Sometimes we shower and use soaps, hot water…

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  • Seven Huge Makeup Don'ts for an Everlasting Healthy Skin.

    Seven Huge Makeup Don’ts for an Everlasting Healthy Skin

    The reason any woman of use put on makeup is to highlight her beauty, using makeup products on daily basis could cause damage to the skin, so you will need to maintain a proper skin care regime to constantly repair the damage that makeup does to the skin, however even with a very devoted skin care regime, makeup could still harm your skin if certain mistakes are made frequently. Damaged skin will never look pretty even if you cover it with a ton of makeup, so to avoid skin damage, avoid the following MAKEUP Don’ts. 1- Don’t Neglect Your Eyebrows. Well shaped and groomed eyebrows will improve your overall look and define your eyes in a more attractive way, so…

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  • From Now On You Will Eat The Skin Of The Fruits More Than The Pulp, Find Out Why

    From Now On You Will Eat The Skin Of The Fruits More Than The Pulp, Find Out Why

    It is time to start changing you think about fruits, we all have been enjoying the pulp of the fruit and neglecting the peels even though many studies proved that most of the nutritional value in any fruit actually present in the peel and not in the pulp. So you should be trying to give your jaws some exercise by eating some of the peels and the pith. Just make sure that you wash the fruit peels thoroughly before you eat. Fruit peels are rich in dietary fiber which improves digestion and keep constipation at bay. Cancer-fighting phytochemicals are abundant in the peels than the pulp of the fruit itself which was proven scientifically. Besides the great ability of fruit…

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  • Here's Why Vitamin B12 Is Important For The Body.

    Here’s Why Vitamin B12 Is Important For The Body

    Most of adults and kids are diagnosed with some vitamin deficiency, however statics showed that the vitamins the tops the list with deficient patients with vitaminB12, vitamin B12 is found naturally only in animal meat and products so strict vegetarian and vegans are the highest at risk of being deficient in the vitamin. Deficiency in vitamin B12 can cause mental fogginess, mood swings, lack of motivation, difficulties memorizing things, content fatigue and muscle weakness. But even though those symptoms can be experienced if your body is not getting enough vitamin B12, it is hard to diagnose the situation because vitamin B12 is water soluble but unlike the rest of water soluble vitamins, this specific vitamin doesn’t exist the body quickly…

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  • Things You Should No Longer Do Once You Hit Your Mid-Twenties

    Things You Should No Longer Do Once You Hit Your Mid-Twenties

    Are you in the middle of your twenty something years? Well, it is granted that you are not an old person yet, but you are indeed an “adult” according to everyone. As an adult, you are expected to live your life in a certain way and to follow certain rules. For example, there are some things you should no longer do once you hit your mid twenties, such as: 1- Looking for whatever is cheap to buy and wear. By now, you should have already realized the value of the golden rule, “you get what you pay for”. So, buy nicely tailored pieces of good materials for different occasions. Whether you are a woman or a man, make sure to…

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  • 6 Things That Will Happen When You Have a Nurse as a Life Partner

    6 Things That Will Happen When You Have a Nurse as a Life Partner

    Our professions are one of the many things that contribute to forming our characters. However, some professions, such as nursing, are more than just jobs. They can change your whole life, and even change you – as a person – completely. So, how does your life change when you have a nurse as a life partner? What do you expect to happen? 1- “How was your day” won’t be that easy or common of a question anymore. Once your ask your partner – who is a nurse – about their day, the answer will be either sad, weird or disgusting. But if you really do love your nurse partner, you will not find these tales weird, but colorful and interesting.…

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  • Things You Should Expect When You Are in a Relationship with a Narcissist

    Things You Should Expect When You Are in a Relationship with a Narcissist

    What is a narcissist? And what does being a narcissit entail? According to psychology, being a narcissist means that a person is characterized by certain qualities, such as extreme egotism, extreme feelings of being important and megalomania. Fantasizing about accomplishing extraordinary deeds and achieving incomparable success. Manipulating and exploiting others. Incapability to put one’s self in others’ shoes. Arrogance and hatred for others’ success. I bet you would think now that spotting a narcissist would be so easy since they are so horrid! However, narcissist are masters at deceiving others, and to spot them, and you need to recognize certain traits in them, such as: 1- The first time you meet a narcissist, he/she would seem like anything but what…

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  • Seven Easy Hacks to Get Thicker, Longer and Healthier Hair

    Seven Easy Hacks to Get Thicker, Longer and Healthier Hair

    Many girls spend a lot of money on pricy – yet fake – products to get thick healthy hair. They might be misled by commercials that promote for hair products as if they are the magical solution for all hair problems .Unfortunately, those products might cause more damage to hair instead of treating it. Here are 5 simple hair care hacks to enjoy a heavy healthy hair: 1. Avoid washing your hair repeatedly: washing hair a lot is a disasterous habit because it strips your hair of natural oils which makes it dry and brittle. So, you better wash your hair only twice a week. Make sure you cover your hair using a shower cap when you take a shower.…

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  • New hobbies to try

    New hobbies to try

    Hobbies are a major part of what makes people special. A hobby can bare human soul and express its individuality in a good way. Hobbies make our daily life easier and the weekends more exciting to look forward to. If you are looking for new hobbies to try, here is a list for you. – Recycle old items at home. Crafting boosts us with self-confidence and makes our homes more warm and cozy. Recycle old tins or boxes into storage units. Old jeans can be a new apron with a large pocket on the front. Start collecting smooth stones, empty glass jars and bottles and buy few ribbons and a glue gun…you can make wonders. Unleach your creativity and make…

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