• 4 Smart Ways To Make Your Kid Feel Special

    4 Smart Ways To Make Your Kid Feel Special

    In today’s busy life parents sometimes feel like they don’t give their children the attention they deserve. While you may feel that you need to buy them many toys or make grand gestures to let them know they are special, this is not what makes your child feel special. In fact, making your child feel special is more simple than you can imagine. Here are 4 things you should be doing with your child everyday to make them feel loved and special. 1. Ask Them About Their Day: Kids love to talk. You might not have all day, but setting aside time for each individual child to talk to you makes them feel loved and appreciated. Especially after they’ve been…

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  • Avoid Doing If You Want To Be Happy

    4 Things You Should Avoid Doing If You Want To Be Happy

    Happiness is one of the most important things that people strive for in life. Our obsession with happiness is linked to our inner desire to feel connected and loved. When we’re happy, we feel confident, purposeful and in harmony with our true self. Happy people are healthier, kinder, and have better relationships. In order to be happy, there are certain things you should definitely avoid. Below are 4 things happy people never do. 1. Don’t Compare Themselves With Others: Happy people believe in the fact that we are all different for a reason and each has something unique to contribute to the world. People who appear to be naturally happy don’t make comparisons. They have made peace with the fact…

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  • Five Safe And Effective Natural Makeup Removals You Must Try

    Five Safe And Effective Natural Makeup Removals You Must Try

    Most of us love to wear makeup even though we all hate the tedious task of having to remove it at night time. Whether you layer two or three coats of foundation or you just like to keep it simple with only some dipstick and mascara, all your makeup has to be removed in the end of the day. To remove our makeup we all rely on chemical products that will have to have some degree of a chemical that is harmful for the skin and will eventually do your skin more harm than good. Luckily there are many natural ingredients that can remove your makeup as efficiently as the commercial makeup removers yet they won’t have any harmful effect…

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  • Natural Ways To Plump Your Lips

    Natural Ways To Plump Your Lips

    Some women are naturally blessed with big sensuous lips while others would wish if their lips could look fuller. Fortunately, there are many ways you can enlarge your lips either by surgical interference or you can try natural ways that work effectively and won’t have the unpleasant consequences that are associated with surgeries. If you follow certain natural tips regularly and be patient, you will be amazed how your lips will look bigger, filler and more kissable. The following are natural ways you can enhance the look and size of your lips with so read on. 1- Exfoliate Your Lips. You can use your toothbrush to rub your lips slightly for a few seconds. This won’t only remove the dead…

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  • Your Ultimate Hair Care Guide For The Winter

    Your Ultimate Hair Care Guide For The Winter

    Winter is starting, and the harsh nature of it won’t only have it impact on your mood and skin but also your hair. Wind, snow and dry weather will irritate your scalp and make it more sensitive than usual which will result in frizzy and dull hair that falls and breaks much easier than before. Luckily, with just some extra care and attention from you, you can protect your hair through this harsh season, so to welcome the next summer with lustrous healthy locks, check out our tricks and tips to maintain your hair’s shininess and strength during the winter. 1- Pamper Your Hair. First of all, you got to know that during the winter, your hair will be drier…

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  • Five Tips To Make Your Fragrant Lasts All Day

    Five Tips To Make Your Fragrant Lasts All Day

    You may have asked yourself many times how can your girlfriends or your co-workers maintain their fresh smell the whole day when your fragrance starts to fade in the first two hours? If you want to know the secret, follow these tips instead of spraying perfume on every hour and you will be amazed how you can go all day smelling great. 1- Pick Your Perfume Correctly. If you want your perfume to last all day then choose brands that are strong and consists of essential oils and strong fragrant like sandalwood rather than other lighter scents. Additionally, try to choose perfumes that are oil-based rather than others that are alcohol-based perfumes. 2- Use Scented Shower Gel. If you use…

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  • Five Natural Ways To Control PMS Symptoms

    Five Natural Ways To Control PMS Symptoms

    Premenstrual symptoms is a common trouble for many women around the world, some experience sever symptoms whereas other women experience mild symptoms, from bloating to sever mood swings and cramps, all are very annoying premenstrual symptoms that there’s no woman on earth enjoy. Away from taking too many painkillers, there are natural ways you can get premenstrual symptoms under control. Here are five proven tips to reduce PMS symptoms. 1- Have a Diet Rich In Vitamin B. Consuming adequate amounts of vitamin B throughout the month is a great way to prevent PMS symptoms that are more involving the mood and the brain state, so depression, grumpiness and sever mood swings as well as headaches can be reduced to the…

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  • Five Skin Detoxifying Foods to Completely Renew Your Skin

    Five Skin Detoxifying Foods to Completely Renew Your Skin

    You could use the most expensive cosmetics to take care of your skin, but nothing will grant you a radiant glowing healthy skin like a healthy diet. The use of too much cosmetics and being exposed to pollution on daily basis could be clogging your skin with toxins which makes it look dull and lifeless. Here comes the importance of a healthy detoxifying diet that cleanses your body inside out and renew your skin as well as your liver and kidneys. Here are the best food items that enhance the body’s ability to eliminate toxins out of its system to indulge in. 1- Garlic. Garlic is a powerful detoxifying agent that will leave your skin looking remarkable, besides its antibacterial,…

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  • Best Foods to Heal Stomach Ulcers Naturally

    Best Foods to Heal Stomach Ulcers Naturally

    Stomach ulcers are sores or lesions that get developed in the lining of the stomach or small intestines. They usually occur when the lining of the stomach gets irritated by excess levels of stomach acids either during pregnancy, due to obesity or as a result of eating a diet high in unhealthy foods. Taking painkillers such as aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen sodium for long periods of time could also lead to the formation of stomach ulcers. Usually antibiotics and anti-acid medications are prescribed to give a relieve for the situation, and fortunately there are many natural remedies you can try to give yourself a relief as well. Here’s the best natural remedies for stomach ulcers. 1- Cabbage. Cabbage is a…

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  • Your Ultimate Skin Care Guide For The Winter

    Your Ultimate Skin Care Guide For The Winter

    It is not an easy equation to maintain a soft dewy skin when the weather outside is frigid and the indoor heating is on too high. Your skin will just not be able to hold on without drying up and getting cracked in all these harsh circumstances. It may be hard yes but it is definitely not impossible, you can do plenty to prevent the negative effect of the weather on your skin and enjoy smooth skin all season long. Here’s your ultimate guide to take care of your skin during the winter. – Keep Areas That Are Prone To Drying Up moisturized. When you moisturize your skin don’t only focus for your face and neck, area that are prone…

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  • Six Unexpected Things Your Earwax Could Signal About Your Health

    Six Unexpected Things Your Earwax Could Signal About Your Health

    The stuff that comes out of your body can be considered gross by many, like your urine, stool, saliva, mucus and even your earwax but they can actually give you a hint about potential health issues or reassure you that everything is going well with you. If you give some attention to the stuff that oozes out of your ears you may be able to detect many health issues. Earwax helps to keep the dirt and bacteria from leaking too deep into your ear canal, it has a quit important job to prevent infections from going in your body through your ears and your throat then your digestive tract and even though otolaryngologist don’t really take earwax as a very…

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  • The Reason Why Some Women Are Just So Prone To Acne Breakouts

    The Reason Why Some Women Are Just So Prone To Acne Breakouts

    Despite our hard efforts (sleeping on all pillowcases, regularly exfoliating out faces and religiously getting rid of makeup every night) some of us still unfortunately end up with Zits breakouts along the way. Is the quest of having a freak-outs life free real? While some women try too hard to avoid Zits and they still end up with breakouts, some other women haven’t experienced having a zit since the age of 16, why is that? Turns out our genes have a strong say over our tendency to have breakouts or not. Yes it is true ladies, it might not be your fault and you may not be doing anything wrong with your skin-care regime. Your genes determine how your skin…

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  • Six Menstrual Problems You Should Never Ignore

    Six Menstrual Problems You Should Never Ignore

    No woman is comfortable with menstruation or the associated symptoms, and I’m sure deep down inside of us, we don’t really mind skipping one every now and then, but menstruation should be regular and the physical changes and symptoms that come alone with the menstruation bleeding are important and shouldn’t be neglected. Normal menstruation symptoms include mood changes, cramps, bloating and breast tenderness. The symptoms associated with your menstrual bleeding can signal certain underlying health problems, so look out for the following signals that gynecologists warn from. – Missing Periods. Missing more than two periods may signify that you are dealing with problems with your thyroid, exercising too much, having anemia, having polycystic ovarian syndrome, hormonal imbalances or premature Menopause.…

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  • Five Common Deodorant Mistakes You Are Probably Doing

    Five Common Deodorant Mistakes You Are Probably Doing

    By now you maybe sure that you have already mastered personal hygiene, especially when it comes to something as simple as applying deodorant, but if you get smelly or itchy parts after applying the deodorant, then you are probably doing something wrong, most people turned out to be making common mistakes when it comes to applying deodorant, maybe you are one of them, the following is the 5 most common deodorant mistakes you are probably making. 1- You May Be Using The Wrong Product. A common misconception people have is that deodorant actually block sweating which is wrong, deodorant is different to antiperspirant, if you are only concerned about the body odor then deodorant will be your answer but if…

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  • Easy Exercises To Get Rid Of Facial Fat

    Easy Exercises To Get Rid Of Facial Fat

    When you think of good appearance, the first thing that comes to the mind is the face and how it looks. Every woman wishes if she has high cheekbones, nicely chiseled jaw line and normal levels of fat on the face and while you may like it when someone find you cute for your chubby face, there’s a difference between a healthy lookin face and one that packs heaps of fat on it. If you want to change your look and get healthier, you have to work out, losing overall weight can contribute to making your facial edges more sharp but there are other facial exercises that can bring your goal even nearer. Chewing gum is one good way to…

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  • Why You Shouldn't Keep On Thinking About Your Last Mistakes

    Why You Shouldn’t Keep On Thinking About Your Last Mistakes

    We’re all made mistakes in our lives at one point or the other, we learn from mistakes to continue improving ourselves and moving forward, some mistakes are big and can change our lives and the way we perceive the life, and some small mistakes are just easier to manage but they give us a strong lesson that stays in the mind. The problems that we face in our lives if dealt with in a wrong way can change the way we look at life and our readiness to take new challenges, but life is all about moving on and keeping the show going, we all have gone through moments where we felt weak and let down, but that should never…

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  • What Happens To Your Body During The Year After You Quit Drinking Alcohol

    What Happens To Your Body During The Year After You Quit Drinking Alcohol

    Since childhood we’ve been always warned about the harmful effects of too much alcohol and as we grew, most of us have become too familiar with it than needed. There’s no doubt that alcohol plays a huge role in most of the American adults lives, indeed it was reported that more than 50% of the US adults drink alcohol on monthly basis. Occasional drinking was found to improve the health in certain ways but regular binging just to relax does not. Not to freak you out, but the harmful effect alcohol can have on your health can vary anywhere between inflammation on your organs and joints to cancer, liver damage, diabetes and potential damage to your DNA alongside with the…

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  • Overdosing on This Legal Drug Cause More Deaths Than Overdosing On Heroine

    Overdosing on This Legal Drug Cause More Deaths Than Overdosing On Heroine

    In just a year, deaths of over dose from opioid painkillers and heroine rose to 14% hitting record levels in 2014 and that’s according to a new report released by the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention. In 14 years between 200 and 2014 more than half a million American died as a result of Overdosing on one of those drugs that researchers claim t act similar in the brain. The most commonly prescribed types of opioid painkillers are oxycodone and hydrocodone caused more overdose feathers than any other type of the drug that rose to 9%. The increasing number of deaths from opioid overdose is alarming,” CDC Director Tom Frieden said in the release. According to the report, two…

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  • Five Pains That Are More Severe Than Childbirth

    Five Pains That Are More Severe Than Childbirth

    Most pregnant women go through many annoying and maybe even painful moments throughout their 9 months journey like headaches, morning sickness, heart burns, joints pain and back pain. But the biggest pain they go through and most women who experienced a natural childbirth would assume to be the worst pain the ever experiences is the childbirth itself. All women sit in fear and excitement of that moment to arrive since they find out they are pregnant. However childbirth pain can only go on for so long, but there are other types of pain that are more severe than pushing a baby and unfortunately they don’t carry the hope and excitement the childbirth pain carry as a reward. Here’s what women…

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  • Two Surprising And Hidden Traits Of Psychopaths

    Two Surprising And Hidden Traits Of Psychopaths

    It is not that easy to surely label someone as a psychopath, the definition of psychopath is a person who have hard time believing the fact the other people have feelings, so this lack of empathy can be exhibited in a various of obvious responses and reactions that if you look closely you may be able to spot out. Science tells us that there are certain behaviors that can tell you someone is a psychopath which means they lack empathy. Interestingly men were found to be more likely psychopaths than women and here’s a list of science based signs to give you certainty that you are dealing with one. 1- They Don’t Yawn Back. According to a study published by…

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