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Lots of people feel tired all the time, and it could be simpler than you think to get your energy back. We will discuss here the most common causes for feeling tired and how to fight it.

Reaching for sugar and caffeine for more energy can backfire, leaving you more tired as your blood sugar rises widely. You should go instead for a healthy balanced diet replete with lean protein, vegetables and fruits. Most people feel less tired when they eat a healthy diet, and remember obesity is a big contributor to fatigue.

How much you sleep is very important; it is natural to feel tired if you do not get enough sleep. Before bed time, turn off the TV and keep your bedroom restful and quiet. If you do not exercise thinking it would make you more tired, then you are mistaken because exercise breeds energy.

Experts suggest regular vigorous exercise as the best prescription for old plain tiredness. Almost all studies end up with the same result that people who exercise feel much less tired than those who stay idle. You can consider it one of those surprising truths; the more you move the more energy you get.

It is recommended to get 40 minutes of exercise four days a week. If you do that, you will notice improvement a month from now and in three months you should feel much better. If you try these strategies and you still feel tired, you may need to check with your doctor.

Chronic tiredness can be caused by many medical conditions such as anemia, which is a very common cause for fatigue. It is linked to women, particularly those having heavy menstrual periods. Anemia can be treated with a diet rich in iron like dark leafy greens and meats or supplements.


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