Why Snoring Can Be A Warning Sign For Your Health

If you snore usually during your sleep then you must pay attention to your general health condition, snoring can be a cause for high blood pressure and other health problems, however not everyone that snores would have any problem with their blood pressure.

-The Link Between Snoring And High Blood Pressure.

Sever Snoring is considered a symptom of a sleep condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA),in which your upper airways muscles in the back of your throat happen to relax so much during your sleep, the thing that cause your breath to pause or stop for 20 to 40 seconds several times a night sometimes hundreds of times, these muscles are responsible to hold your airways open and they should not relax even during your sleep, so that oxygen moves freely in and out of your lungs.

– What Happens When Your Upper Airways Are Blocked.

When your airways block temporary several times per night, the oxygen levels start filling in your blood and brain, which drive your brain to produce adrenaline to wake you up in order to breath, in this case you would wake up briefly and gasp for breath then get back to sleep.

– What Is The Result Of OSA.

As a result of you not getting continues and comfortable sleep in addition to the adrenaline raised levels in your blood, your heart start racing and beat faster which cause your blood pressure to spike, sometimes you can experience swinging readings for blood pressure, sometimes low, sometimes high.

– Treating OSA Is The Key To Treat Your Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure.

If you snore excessively and also suffering from Uncontrolled high blood pressure or what is called treatment-resistant high blood pressure then you must start thinking to treat your OSA first because this is the key to keep your blood pressure at check.

Recent studies reported that Treating OSA helps to control high blood pressures that don’t respond to treatments, in the study, a treatment for OSA was provided for 200 men and women suffering from OSA and Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure for 12 weeks period.

The treatment was continues positive airway pressure (CPAP) where you wear a mask over your nose that has a small machine that delivers continues air pressure into your nose to prevent your airways from blocking during the sleep.

After the period for the treatment, the average blood pressure for the participants was nearer to normal readings, the participants also could have a healthier nighttime sleep and blood pressure pattern.

However having to wear the CPAP mask is usually found uncomfortable, however you have many varieties you can choose from what suits you the best, there are masks that cover the face, nasal masks and even two types masks that deliver the air to each nostril separately.

You just need to find a mask that you can be comfortable with, and don’t forget, you spend about one third of your life sleeping, sleep actually have a direct effect on your general health, regular good quality night sleeps is very important to maintain a good health, quality sleep can protect you against heart diseases, diabetes and even dementia so make sure to comfort yourself in your sleep.

Snoring Sign For Your Health

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