Here’s Why You Should Listen to Music More Often

Music has been around since the dawn of human existence. It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you come from, we all enjoy some good music regardless of the genre. We listen to music during our free time, at the gym, or on transportations. Have you ever wondered how music can affect your health? The following are the health advantages of listening to music.

Improves Blood Pressure and Heart Rate : Listening to your favorite type of music makes your brain release endorphins which reinforce your vascular health. Experiments have shown that postoperative heart patients who listened to music recovered better with lower blood pressure and slower heart rate.

Maintains a Healthier Brain : Music rhythms has the effect of remaining in the brain for a long time, thus, improving your memory and hinder brain damage. You can delay your brain aging process by just listening to your favorite beats.

Improves Visual and Communication skills : Studies have shown that children who attended music classes picked up better visual and verbal skills and developed higher IQs.

Improves Your Immune System : Listening to the kind of music you enjoy reduce levels of cortisol in your body which causes stress and weakens your immune system. It also helps your body produce more antibodies.

Music Makes You Happy and Fights Depression and Anxiety : Music can influence you in so many ways. It can make you happy, sad or energized. Whatever it is, when you’re enjoying the music, your brain releases dopamine that eventually makes you feel good. It fixes your blood pressure, gets rid of anxiety and lifts up your mood.

Improves your Sleep : As music fights off stress and keeps your heart rate in check, it helps you have a better restful sleep. If you believe you suffer from insomnia, jamming up your favorite songs may come in handy.
Why You Should Listen to Music More Often

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