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Kids’ moods change swiftly and with little warning like weather, and there are plentiful reasons for your child pushing you away. The best advice is to deal with it like a thunderstorm and wait it out, and here are some of the most common reasons for your kid acting unfriendly:
Kids, like grown- ups, sometimes want to be left alone but of course their issues are less complex, for example their friend did not want to play with them or their peers made fun of them; in such a case your child does not want your cuddles or hugs and you have to resist this urge.

Put yourself in your kid’s shoes; you would go crazy if you want to be alone and someone is doing to you what you are doing to your child.

Sometimes your kid is angry with you perhaps because you were busy lately and not paying much attention or for any reason whatsoever, so your child may act standoffish without telling you what is really bothering them.

If you suspect there is a reason for your kid’s rejection, talk to them and ask questions gently to know what causes their behavior and accept their responses without getting angry or upset because you might hear “I hate your”. Remember that their feelings are not permanent. When the wave of anger subsides, try to do a quiet activity with your kid to get back on track but with no pressure.

Your child can be angry and unfriendly with you but at the same time very nice to daddy and vice versa because it is normal for kids to pass through phases of rejection or clinging.

Take into consideration that your kid’s personality may not be affectionate like you; then you have to accept them as they are but you do not have to worry because they will need a kiss or a hug from now and then.


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