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Why Calcium Is Important For Women More Than Men

Calcium is a very important mineral for our health, it is specially important for the health and well being of our bones and teeth, beside that calcium is needed to ensure a proper functioning for the nerves, muscles, kidneys and heart of your body, it is often recommended that women should Consume more foods with calcium than men, as the calcium helps making women bones stronger, the optimal calcium intake that is recommended for women daily has increased from 800 mg to 1000 to 1200 now, listen below are the reasons why women need more calcium than men, so read on.

1- To Reduce The Risk Of Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a condition that happens to the bones where the chance for frequent fractures increase, and it is one of the most common diseases among elderly women, in this diseases, as a woman grow old , her bones mineral density start to diminish, which in result affect the whole structure of the bones, Osteoporosis is mainly common in women after menopause, therefore women after menopause should Consume more foods with calcium like Dairy and bone broth foods.

2- For Stronger Bones.

As we mentioned above, calcium is mainly stored in the bones, so once the body feels that it needs more calcium in the blood, it starts taking from the stored calcium levels in the bones, and when there is not enough calcium desired in the bones they start getting more brittle and weak, which make them even more prone to breakage, it is important to Consume the right levels of calcium everyday to prevent the risk of different bone conditions, and try to build up your calcium levels from your younger days better.

3- During Pregnancy.

During pregnancy the woman needs twice as much calcium as she should take regularly, not only her body will need the calcium, but also the fetus she is carrying for a proper bone development and overall growth, not just that, the fetus needs normal levels of calcium to ensure proper heart functioning and rate, and proper functioning of nervous system and muscles, if you are not taking enough calcium during your pregnancy then it will be steamed from the calcium stored in your bones which will be harmful for you in the long term.

4- To Have Normal Estrogen Levels.

Estrogen is an essential woman sex hormone, it also plays a key role in maintaining the bones health in both women as well as men, therefore calcium is crucially important to maintain estrogen intact in the correct levels in women body, it is believed that the bones density declines by 20% after menopause when estrogen levels start to depleting, therefore it is recommended to take sufficient levels of calcium to prevent the problem of bones osteoporosis.

5- Important For Women Athletes.

It is very important for women Athletes to increase the consumption of calcium and maintain their calcium levels at good checks, women Athletes were noticed to frequently suffer from a condition called “women athlete traid” and this condition is mainly caused by low calcium levels, it comes with eating disorders and menstrual irregularity, which forms a thread to the female athlete’s career.

Why Calcium Is Important For Women More Than Men

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