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Whiten your teeth with these 4 natural remedies!

Bright white teeth are each and every person’s dream. Not only do they flatter the beauty of your smile yet also offer to give you a fascinating personality.

So you might be guessing it is about time you should see a dentist and eventually get rid of those yellow stains. Hold on a minute! You can have a bright smile without spending hundreds of dollars on bleaching services and other so-called whitening solutions.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is also thought to be a powerful teeth whitening remedy. It fights against the bacteria and plaque, and acts like a cleansing substance. It is useful against decay and root canals. For the application, you have to combine aloe Vera with some vegetable glycerine till it forms a paste. Add baking soda to it. Then, use the paste for washing your discolored teeth.

2. Baking soda

Combine a very little amount of baking soda with warm water and pour it on your toothbrush before you begin brushing. Or you can simply apply it using your fingertips and let it sit for about one minute. Baking soda can do miracles for your teeth just be sure to use it carefully or it can harm the enamel.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric is used as teeth whitening remedy. Take some turmeric seeds and roast them. Crush it to form a powder and then add some salt and lemon juice to it. This paste can be applied for teeth whitening. It also keeps your gums stronger.

4. Salt

Salt is one of the basic teeth cleaning treatments that has been used for years. It helps replace lost minerals in the teeth and helps restore their white color. However, excess salt is harmful to your body, so make sure you don’t swallow any of the washes and treatments you use for your teeth especially when they contain salt.

Whiten your teeth with these 4 natural remedies!

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