Where to Spend an Amazing Holiday in Turkey

Turkey is the country that separate Asia from Europe; thus it attracts the tourists mainly from the two continents. Such a country enjoys a sunny and warm climate; especially on the beaches of the surrounding seas. Tourists will surely enjoy their holidays whether they intend to spend a cheap or expensive holiday.

Turkey is considered as one of the most attractive countries to the tourists as it attracted about 37.8 million tourists last year adding about 27.9 billion dollars to the national income. One of the these attractions is the Turkish beaches whether it is the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea, the Black Sea, or the Sea of Marmara. Apart from the beaches, the heritage of the different civilization in turkey helps it to have two of the seven ancient world wonders and places it on the top of the attractive countries for the tourists.

There are many places in turkey to spend an amazing holiday in. Bodrum peninsula is a great way to recognize the ancient Turkish civilizations and enjoy the amazing beaches into the slightly warm air under the delightful sun. If you need a cultural tour in the peninsula, you can visit the Classical Greek Theater, the notorious castles, and the Museum of Halicarnassus. After this long trip, you will need to comfort your body in one of Bedrum’s luxurious resorts such as Gumbet and Turgutreis.

Antalya is another magical Mediterranean beach with white sand and interesting coves and cliffs. You can spend a few but amazing days of your life in one of the wonderful resorts such as Lara Beach or Belek enjoying their perfect services. During your stay at the city, you can visit its amazing historical places such as the old-town Antalya, the broken Minaret of Korkut Mosque, and Antalya’s old Roman Harbor.

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