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When Should You Clip Your Nails?

Unless you want to have the break the genieees record for the world’s longest nails, you have to trim your cuticles every now and then. Taking care of nails is not only necessary for atheistic purposes, but it is also important to maintain the protective properties that nails provide for fingers and toes. As for the question in the title, there are several factors to determine when you should cut your nails.

1. Rate of Nail Growth

The average growth of nails is 0.1 millimeters a day. Some nails grow faster than other nails and thus need to be cut more frequently. For instance, you will notice that your fingernails become longer before your toenails do. Among the fingernails themselves, you will find that the ring and middle fingers are faster to grow than the rest of the fingers. It is also probable that fingernails of your dominant hand grow faster.

2. How Do You Use Your Hands?

Certain tasks like playing musical instruments that have chords, or mechanical tasks require that you have short nails so you have to constantly clip them. If you don’t see a risk of nail splitting or breaking from the tasks you usually do and prefer to have longer nails, it is okay to not cut them for a certain time but you need to take care of them.

3. The Recommended Time to Cut Nails

Cutting your nails is an essential part for caring for them so designate a certain time of the week to cut them. The best time to clip your nails is after taking a shower or after soaking them in water to prevent splitting. Use a clean nail clipper for clipping then clean under nail tips and finally file your nails until all are smooth. The smoothness will ensure that your nails don’t have uneven edges that would catch on clothes.
When Should You Clip Your Nails

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