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What you should do when you get a cold

We catch cold more than once a year and unintentionally it gets spread to our surroundings; sadly we cannot get rid of it immediately as we have to take rest and medicine and give it time. However, there are some good tips that can help you get better sooner.

Actually, proper sleep is the best way to get rid of cold because it gives your body the rest it needs to go on fighting this irritating virus. We usually do not drink much when we are sick, which makes our body dehydrated, and it becomes more difficult to recover, so we should drink lots of water especially hot drinks because they soothe our inflamed nose and throat.

It is recommended that you wash your hands more than usual when you have cold, particularly after sneezing and coughing, to avoid spreading the germs. Another good tip is to gargle with salt water if you have a sore throat, and you should as well blow out the mucus of cold from now and then because if you do not, you will have pain in your throat, eardrums and forehead.

Furthermore, eating properly helps you get better quicker, and chicken soup in particular is very useful; on the other hand stay away from dairy products and ice cream. Moisturizing your nose with steam is necessary to speed up your recovery because cold thrives in dry conditions.

Mentholated salve and vapor rubs are also very helpful as they help you breathe properly and get relief. The above mentioned tips are meant to help you get rid of cold more quickly and easily, and keep in mind always that eating properly and exercise are important for taking care of your body to protect yourself from disease.

What you should do when you get a cold

What you should do when you get a cold

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