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What To Do When Your Smart Phone Drop In Liquid

You may have been in this situation where your beloved smart phone dropped in water or any other liquid, and because you didn’t know what to do to save the situation, your phone ended up not working completely and can’t be saved anymore, for this reason I brought you this article so you learn what to do if something similar happened with you or with one of your friends, if you phone dropped in liquid for only a few seconds then there may be a huge chance you could save it if only you knew what to do

First:- Don’t panic and have control over yourself, being calm will allow you to think clearly and do the steps correctly to save your phone.

Second:- Switch off the phone completely and disconnect the sim and the battery immediately because water and electricity can cause major harm.

Third:- Disconnect any part of the phone you can disconnect and leave it in a sunny place, avoid turning the phone back on for at least two to three days because water with electric can damage the phone completely.

– In Case Your Phone Soaked In Water For Long Period Of Time Then Here Are The Solutions.

1- Alcohol.

This solution may seem crazy for you but it is the most effective, soak your phone completely in Isopropyl or rubbing alcohol with purity degree of at least 95% , Alcohol evaporates fast so in seconds your phone will dry from inside.

– How To Dry Your Phone From Inside.

First of all take this as an important tip, avoid the hair blower because it can send the water and make it penetrate the different parts which cause tiny parts of the motherboard to damage.

Avoid shaking the phone or blowing on it because that could cause the water to travel to dry parts that didn’t get wet originally.
Use fans to dry the phone or just place it in a cool place with sun light.

Smart Phone Drop In Liquid

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