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What To Do When You Get Post Lunch Drowsiness At Work

It is common that after eating lunch at all o even at ho!E to tag feeling a little drowsy, while it is best to take a short power nap for twenty to thirty minute to recharge our energies, it is not always possible specially if you are at work, therefore it is important to learn how to sustain our afternoon energy.

It mainly depend on the food you eat and the physical activities you do, if you have a sedentary job try to take a walk or go up and down the stairs a few times after lunch to avoid the afternoon slump, also make sure to eat a light healthy lunch and get adequate sleeps during the nights.

The following are some helpful tips to help you avoid feeling drowsy after eating while you are at work so read on.

1- Eat Good Breakfasts.
Your breakfast is what sets the standard of your energy levels for the whole day, make healthy choices for your breakfast such as whole grain bread, fruits, Yogurt, protein rich foods and cereal.
Eating a good filling breakfast will suffice you from looking to nipple on unhealthy snacks or eat a big lunch and then get drowsy.

2- Be Aware That Your Drowsiness Is Caused By digesting The Food.
It is important to maintain your energy levels at work and thus it is important to have lunch but the type of food you eat for lunch can contribute to worsening your post lunch Drowsiness, when you eat a heavy meal, more blood get diverted from your brain to your intestines to help in digesting the food, your body also produces a hormone called melatonin which cause you to relax and want some sleep, making the right choices for your lunch can make a huge difference, some foods are easier to digest and can provide the body with more energy than others.

3- Consider How Much Sleep You Get At Night.
A full relaxing quality sleep of seven or eight hours at night is enough to keep you functioning at your best throughout the day, if you are suffering from insomnia or your sleep get broken or disturbed several times at night then your afternoon slump could be even worse so make sure you get adequate quality Sleeps in complete darkness and quietness.

 Lunch Drowsiness At Work

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