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What To Do When You Notice Blood In Your Bodily Fluids

You can sometimes notice blood in any of your bodily fluids and it doesn’t have to be a concern sign all the time, here is what to do when you see blood in your:-

Stool:- If you notice a few drops of blood in your stool it could be a sign of minor injury happed as a result of hard and dry stool passing our, it could also be a sign of treatable hemorrhoid however if the problem persist and blood increase then you should start you lab checks immediately.

Urine:- Little blood in your urine could be a sign for urinary tract infection specially if the blood is associated with a burning sensation and urgency to go to the toilet, if fever and lower back pain is present too then the culpirt is likely to be kidney infection and you should investigate with your doctor immediately about the cause.

Breast Milk:- Little blood in the breastmilk could be caused by cracks in the nipples that could be caused by heavy demand from the baby or wrong usage of the pump, the situation could be painful at the beginning of the nursing but there is no need to stop breastfeeding that the problem will solve itself within the first few weeks of nursing.

Vomit:- Few drops of blood in your vomit could be the pressure from pushing chunky prices of food out of your esophagus however if you see a lot of bright blood it could be a life threatening situation and requires an immediate medical interference.

Snot:– Cold dry air in the winter mornings could be the reason you find a line of blood in your snot when you blow your nose, however a big bleed that happens regularly may require you to check out with your doctor.

What To Do When You Notice Blood In Your Bodily Fluids

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