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What To Do When You Experience A Panic Attack

Many women around the world experience panic attacks and anxiety on an ongoing basis, indeed researches conducted that 2.7% of the women in the world experience these debilitating experiences.

Panic attacks could be terrifying if experienced for the first time, some women say they experience fast heart beats and sweaty hands while others experience weakness and shakiness.

Here is what you should do when you experience panic attack the next time.

1- Remember to Breath.
When you experience panic attacks your heart rate tends to increase as a result of shallow and fast breathing, which makes it even more difficult to relax and retain control of your mind and self. Shifting your concentration on your breathing will help you relax and divert your mind away from thinking about the things that cause you to panic in the first place.

2- Distract Yourself.
When you are experiencing a panic attack you will be highly likely concentrating most on your symptoms which amplifies them, instead try to distract yourself from what causes you to panic, if you are driving sing along with your radio or iPod, if you are in a social gathering chew a Bible gum or start thinking about something that interests you.

3- Breath Into A Bag.
If you are prone to panic attacks keep a brown paper bag in your handbag all the time and breath slowly into it, make sure you inhale fresh air and exhale it slowly in the paper bag, focus on your breathing and try to relax your mind.

4- Talk Or Text Someone.
Pick up the phone and text or call someone you trust from one side your mind will be diverted away from the cause of your panic attack and from another side, you will feel much better when you share your feelings with someone else.

What To Do When You Experience A Panic Attack

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