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There are a number of things every couple should do together, and some of them are weird but they are about fostering communication, which is the most important thing required for a healthy relationship. Any activity that works on building and maintaining is something worth doing.

• If both of you do not have the same hobby or favorite interest, try each other’s together; it is really nice to see the other person get passionate about something and you get to learn a new thing. It also gives you a chance to learn more about what motivates them. You do not have to make your partner’s hobby your own hobby, and you do not even have to like it. It is worth giving it a shot at least once to see your partner in a whole new way.

• You may literally hate each other’s hobbies; you have tried but you get frustrated and bored. So, you better find a new hobby to try together; it is fun because you are able to explain it to each other when any of you gets confused.

• Go on a road trip together; being stuck in a car with someone for several consecutive days can really help you know this person. How someone handles a road trip can tell you a lot about them.

• It is oddly therapeutic to work on a puzzle together, no talking just puzzle doing. If puzzles are not your game, try building a complex lego set or anything that has to do with cooperative problem solving.

• Sit down at the table to eat together with no phones, TV or any distractions, just enjoying each other’s company.

• It is awesome to snuggle or just sit quietly together without needing to fill the silence. The best relationships are the ones where you are comfortable in silence with each other.


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