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Our emotional needs dictate our behavior unless we wake up and become conscious. The need for acceptance, approval and appreciation often causes us to sacrifice ourselves and rules our lives. But because you have to hide your real self in order to get approval, it is only your false- self being approved of and you may even feel like a fraud.

You will stay locked in a prison of your own making so long as you expect others to meet your emotional needs. When you meet your own emotional needs and you stop looking to others, you unlock the doors of your prison.

Do not expect anyone to appreciate you, if you do not appreciate yourself; you should realize that when you practice self- appreciation, others will reflect it back to you. You will not have to change yourself for anyone or any reason, if you no longer need others to meet your emotional needs. You will be free to be your true authentic self, which is the whole point.

When you realize it is too much to pay for not being yourself, a non- judgmental assessment of your current life will be the first step to take. You better approach this evaluation with curiosity rather than judgment, which will lock you into negativity, while a sense of curiosity will make you start thinking about what is possible

There is a voice deep inside you that is whispering divine instructions; it speaks through your secret desires and your greatest fantasies of a well- lived life.

You may think you do not know what your inner self is saying, and this is because you have been suppressing your deepest desires for so long. But once you start to listen, your inner voice will become clearer and louder.