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What Is Nitrates And Why It Is Beneficial

Nitrates is a netric salt that present naturally in many fruits, vegetables and grains, it is also used in cured meats like salami, bacon and hot dogs to preserve color and inhibit the growth of microorganisms, foods that are naturally rich in nitrates can provide valuable health benefits to the body,

however some types of nitrates can transform to nitrite and release a substance called nitrosamines specially when exposed or cooked by heat which can have several negative effects on the health.

The presence of vitamin C was shown to prevent the conversion of nitrates to nitrite and the release of the harmful substances nitrosamines, that is why foods that contain nitrates naturally cause far less health problems that meats that artificially contain nitrates.

Nitrates In Plants Crops.

Nitrates is an essential nutrients the plants need and it present naturally in the soil, it is being absorbed by all types of plants that is why it is found in almost all types of fruits and vegetables by varying degrees, industrial fertilizers contain nitrates in some of their residues so they can occur on the surface of some fruits and vegetables but that must be washed off properly before consumption due to the other toxic materials in fertilizers.

Fruits High In Nitrates.

Generally nitrates present more in vegetables than fruits and specially root vegetables, in other words, foods that grow near to the nitrares-rich soil contain more nitrates that foods that grow on trees far from the soil like in the case of most types of fruits, the richest fruits with nitrates are strawberries, gooseberries and raspberries, apples were found to only contain a mere trace of nitrates.

Vegetables Rich In Nitrates.

Many types of vegetables and specially root vegetables are very high in nitrates as they absorb a high level of nitrates from the soil, examples for these vegetables include lettuce, beet, carrots, spinach, colored greens, parsley, radish, green beans and cabbage, the concentration of nitrates varies depending on the composition of the soil itself.


Nitrates is almost immediately converted into nitrites on your tongue before it even get to your stomach, if not converted to harmful nitrosamines, nitrites usually transform into nitric acid which when gets to the bloodstream helps in relaxing the blood vessels, regulating blood pressure and preventing abnormal blood clots and in result preventing strokes as well as heart attacks.

What Is Nitrates And Why It Is Beneficial

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