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What makes women feel fatigue?

Nowadays, life is becoming more stressful especially for working women who are more prone to fatigue than men, as they have to work continuously physically or mentally to balance between home and career. There are a lot of reasons for women to feel fatigue, and we are going to discuss the most important and common reasons in an attempt to deal with this issue.

One of the causes is lack of sleep; scientifically we need to sleep 8 hours a day to rest our minds and bodies, and if we do not do that we will feel tired and sleepy, so do not forget to sleep properly.

Another good reason is lack of nutrition, which makes your body weak and exhausted, so proper diet is important to have enough energy for your activities. Stress is a very good reason to feel fatigue because it results in lack of sleep due to the many thoughts keep on going in our minds.

Depression is when you feel sad and fed up with your life, and this can drain out your energy and make you fatigue. Anemia, which is iron deficiency in blood, is one of the main reasons for fatigue; because of it your body cannot get sufficient oxygen to your organs and tissues.

Underactive thyroid is a very serious reason; it does not only cause fatigue but it also results in putting on weight and having severe pain in muscles not to mention growing age. Diabetes, which means the increased sugar level in our body, is another serious cause of fatigue.

Certainly, there are many other reasons, but the best way and key element to avoid feeling fatigue is to eat healthy diet with getting proper sleep and living a stress free life and this will definitely reflect on you physically and psychologically.

women feel fatigue

What makes women feel fatigue What makes women feel fatigue

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