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It is important to know how to practice love in your kids’ lives in a way that helps them to lead a balanced happy life. The last decade of research supports that love is the most significant variable in our children’s well- being.

As a matter of fact, the more you show love to your children with a kiss, a hug, more of the nurturing type of communication and being interested in them, the bigger their brains grow. Beyond the basic needs of food and housing, nurturing and love build the pathway for our children’s survival and happiness.

Studies show that talking to our children about how and what they think increases emotional understanding, social relatedness and verbal ability. We, as parents, can seek to understand what is going on inside our kids through having conversations about how they feel, giving them space to figure things out on their own and listening to their questions about things that are hard for them to understand.

Bonding through communication leads a child to develop a sense of confidence, acceptance as well as an ability to successfully solve problems. Love can change the world if it can change the brain for the future.

Kids are clever, they know it is not enough to hear the three famous words “I love you”, if they are not backed up with some sort of action like something that will make them feel loved and happy; such gestures will always be remembered.

You have a better chance of reaching your kids and impressing them by viewing the world from their perspective. Kids feel loved and appreciated when you roll up your sleeves and make something special for them as a gift like a rocket ship or a mobile. It only takes some cardboard, some paint and a little imagination.


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