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What You Need To Know To Remove Stubborn Stains

Some people think doing the laundry is just a matter of water + detergent + dirty clothes = clean clothes. But we know that sometimes your family’s lifestyle creates the sort of stains and laundry challenges that require some serious power.

Before We Begin, the most important aspect of stain removal is pre-treating as soon as possible. The sooner you can soak or pre-treat a stain, the better your chances of being able to remove it.

Now here is a list of the most stubborn stains that frustrated millions of women, and how to treat them.

Grass: Apply stain treatment on the stain while it is mildly wet then rub the fabric together. Try using a small toothbrush it can be very helpful to get the treatment into the fibers. Use diluted white vinegar to remove any remaining color.

Chocolate: first let the chocolate to completely dry then gently remove as much of the chocolate as possible. If the stains were caused by milk chocolate, use a few drops of ammonia. If the stain was dark chocolate then use two tablespoons white vinegar (for colored clothes).

Chewing Gum: the best way to remove sticky chewing gums from the cloth is by freezing it either by placing it in your freezer for a few hours or placing some ice cubes in a plastic bag directly on the stain, when the gum is hard enough you will be able to pick it up easily.

Coffee: Cover the stain with stain remover for ten minutes then rinse with rubbing in warm water mixed with regular dish washing liquid.

Ink: The most common remedy to remove ink stains from cloth is by Spraying hairspray, let it sit for a few seconds then rinse in warm water.
What You Need To Know To Remove Stubborn Stains

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