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What Is The Reason For Nipple Pain

Nipples pain is a common problem among women, it happens to women of all ages due to various reasons of which some don’t require you to be concerned and some are indicators of serious health conditions. It is normal for women to experience minor nipple pain around the time for her ovulation, during pregnancy and breast feeding, around the time her menstruation is due and at menopause. If you experience any breast discharge accompanied with nipple pain, you should consult your doctor immediately. Presented below are some of the most common reasons for nipple pain.

1- Puberty.

The most common and very first signs of puberty is the development of the breast, as the fat tissues and the breast glands start develop and grow the nipples as well start to swell and get bigger which can cause nipple pain for girls, the pain can increase when a girl starts her menstruation cycle.

2- Ovulation.

Around your ovulation time your nipples can start getting tender and sensitive due to the increase of estrogen and progesterone levels in the body as well as the body’s attempt to prepare itself for pregnancy by enlarging the glands that are responsible for making milk (mammary glands).
In addition after ovulation occurs the progesterone levels increase causing the body to retain more water to thickens the uterus wall and get ready to host an embryo, the water retaining can cause the Brest to stretch and get sensitive nipples.

3- Pregnancy.

During pregnancy the levels of estrogen and progesterone are in continues increasing which increases the breast tissue preparing it for lactation and fill up the breast with water, all that can lead to nipples pain.

4- PMS, Premenstrual Syndrome.

The main reason for breast and nipple tenderness during the PMS is the increase of estrogen levels without enough progesterone to balance it, when estrogens is done dominant and progesterone is deficient you can experience many physical and psychological changes.
Estrogen dominance can lead to most of the PMS symptoms such as headaches, breast and nipples sensitivity, bloating, cramps, mood swings, and lower back pain.

5- Menopausal Syndrome.

The menopausal syndrome is caused by imbalanced levels of hormones produced in the woman’s body which can cause many physical and psychological conditions such as hot flashes, weight gain, irregular menstruation, mood swings, bloating, depression and breast and nipples tenderness. Menopause happen when the woman stops menstruating which make the body produce very little amounts of progesterone while estrogens levels are very high, this can cause terrible breast and nipples pain. Later in the menopause other body changes cause the high estrogen levels to significantly drop which is another cause of nipples sensitivity and many other physical and mental problems.

6- Fatty Acids Imbalance.

Fatty acids imbalance within the breast cells tissue can lead to breast tenderness and sensitivity, besides causing sever hormonal imbalance which further worsen the condition with breast and nipples sensitivity.

7- Continues Movement Of The Breast.

Continues movement of the breast and the rubbing of the nipples against fabric like during running or jogging can cause the breast to get really tender and nipples to get dry and painful, therefore you should always wear a bra that has a prober support.

– Other Causes Of Nipples Pain Include. Breast feeding. Certain medications. Stress. Sleeping on the stomach. Pain in the heart or chest.

Reason For Nipple Pain

What Is The Reason For Nipple Pain

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