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What are the health gains of fish oils?

Fatty fish or oily fish- such as tuna, mackerel, salmon and sardines- are the source of fish oils. Nutritionists are interested in fish oils because of their containing DHA & EPA, which are omega 3 fatty acids, and they are also a good source for vitamins D & A. On the other hand, white fish have less concentration of these vitamins and much less oil; that is why white fish have less health benefits than oily fish. This also explains why different health authorities recommend eating oily fish or to take supplements.

EPA, an omega 3 fatty acid found in fish, is a platelet aggregation inhibitor, and fish do not produce it but they get it from the alga they eat. DHA is another omega 3 fatty acid, and it is the primary component of the human cerebral cortex and retina. Furthermore, DHA composes half the neuron’s plasma membrane, and breast milk is also rich in it.

Several studies suggest that high consumption of DHA can benefit postpartum depression, a condition that can have devastating results for women after giving birth, their children and the whole family. Omega 3 oils are said to improve mental health and children behavior; a study on children with inattention and hyperactivity disorder showed that children consuming adequate levels of DHA & EPA demonstrated significant behavioral improvements according to their parents and psychiatrists.

It is noteworthy that young adults can improve their memory and cognitive performance by increased intake of omega 3 fatty acids, which means we can help our brains achieve their full potential through adapting our healthy behaviors.

There are claims that fish oil consumption on regular basis can prevent the risk of Alzheimer. A study revealed that diets rich in vegetables, fruits and omega 3 oils can lower the risk of Alzheimer and dementia, whereas omega 6 oils increase the chances of memory problems.

health gains of fish oils

What are the health gains of fish oils What are the health gains of fish oils

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