What Happens When You Treat Your Hair With Aspirin

We are so used to the commercial products to provide the required care to our hair and scalp ignoring the effectivity of other simpler treatments that could work even better than expensive hair care products and treatments, here is how aspirin can help you protect your hair and enhance its beauty.

. The Benefits Of Aspirin.

Aspirin is an analgesic and anti-clotting most widely used worldwide, it is recommended by doctors to relieve fever and to protect cardiovascular health. In addition to these benefits it is used for cosmetic purposes due to the advantage of all the materials that compose it.

As how aspirin can help the hair, aspirin works on cleansing the scalp and hair from fungus infections that can cause Dandruff as well as weakness and dullness to the hair, it promotes good circulation and proper feeding for the hair follicles of oxygen and nutrients which in turn ensures a healthy growth for the hair from the root.

. Here’s How You Can Apply Aspirin To Your Hair.

In order to get advantage of all the benefits of aspirin to your hair, apply it to your hair and scalp twice a week by the following way.

You will need three aspirins and three tablespoons of mild shampoo.

Crush the aspirins into fine powder and add it to the shampoo, massage your wet hair with the shampoo and leave it on your hair and scalp for three minutes before washing it off.

Make sure to wash the roots of your hair and massage your scalp well with the aspirin and shampoo mixture in order to stimulate circulation in your scalp.

Treat Your Hair With Aspirin

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