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This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Sleep On Your Left Side

The bedroom is the place we long to go to after a long tiring day, it is also the place that we spend one third of our lives in, if not more. A good night sleep has a huge role to play in your energy levels, overall health and even your life span to a certain extend.

Different people prefer different sleeping position, there are those who like to sleep on their lift hand side while others like to sleep on the right hand side or back or face or even curled up in a fetal position. While you may find one or two sleeping positions to be very comfortable for you, science proved that sleeping on the left hand side has several health benefits that you should get advantage of.

If we make a small comparison, sleeping on the back may increase breathing difficulties specially for those suffering from asthma or sleep apnea while sleeping on the right hand side can worsen digestive processes which all are problems that can lead to short term and long term health issues in addition to poor quality sleep.

However sleeping on the left hand side rids your of all these problems, indeed you will be improving your digestion and waste elimination process, you will be improving your lemon drainage ability which another significant detoxifying process of the body, you will be taking off pressure from the heart and allowing a better circulation and least but not last you will be able to breath better.

Moreover, pregnant women specially those who are at their final trimester are recommended to sleep on their left hand side because it improves the circulation, ensuring a better blood flow to the fetus, it also takes off pressure from the cervix which plays a significant role in allowing the pregnancy to go to full term.

If you are finding any difficulties changing your habits to sleep on your left side then try this trick, switch on a very dim light on the right side of the bed, your body will automatically want to face away from the light so you will feel more comfortable sleeping on your left side.

Body When You Sleep On Your Left Side

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