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What Happens To Your Body During The Year After You Quit Drinking Alcohol

Since childhood we’ve been always warned about the harmful effects of too much alcohol and as we grew, most of us have become too familiar with it than needed. There’s no doubt that alcohol plays a huge role in most of the American adults lives, indeed it was reported that more than 50% of the US adults drink alcohol on monthly basis. Occasional drinking was found to improve the health in certain ways but regular binging just to relax does not.

Not to freak you out, but the harmful effect alcohol can have on your health can vary anywhere between inflammation on your organs and joints to cancer, liver damage, diabetes and potential damage to your DNA alongside with the not to bad side effects that include mood changes, headaches, poor sleep habits, liver fat, crazy sugar cravings, foggy minds and dry skin.

But the good news is that, our bodies can actually reverse back the damage done by alcohol consumption at a pretty good speed and the longer you stay without drinking alcohol the healthier your body and skin will be.
Want to know how long will it take for the change to kick in? Here’s a timeline of your body response to correct what gone wrong after your last glass of rosé.

One Hour After Your Last Drink. This is the time when your body starts working extra to detox alcohol from your bloodstream, your liver works harder and your pancreas also produces more insulin which explains the intense carbs cravings that we experience after drinking.

12 to 24 Hours After Your Last Drink. Your blood sugar finally gets to normal levels, however if you have been overdoing it with sweets on your hangover day then you may end up with a blood sugar spike that won’t normalize for days. Make sure to substitute your sweets, junk foods and unhealthy fats with fruits and vegetables which can help in the dehydration that booze causes, so keep a water bottle nearby and snack on water rich fruits like water melon and orange.

72 Hours After Your Last Drink. This is when any hangover side effects are completely cleared away from your system, no carbs or sugar cravings and you should feel normal again physically and mentally.

One Week After Your Last Drink. You start to sleep deeper which improves your physical and mental energy levels, your skin start to look dewier and more youthful as hydration levels get restored.

One Month After Your Last Drink. Your liver fat decreases by 15% which improves it’s ability to filter toxins out of your system, you also start noticing a clear difference in belly fat and your skin starts to look notably better.

One Year After Your Last Drink. After one year of your last drink you lose up to 13 pounds on average your belly fat reduces significantly, your liver is functioning at full power and your risk of mouth, stomach liver and breast cancer reduces.

What Happens To Your Body During The Year After You Quit Drinking Alcohol

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