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What A Glass Of Water Does To Our Body? You Will Be Amazed

Drink water is basic and straight forward right? You feel thirsty, you drink a glass of water, your hydration levels get back to normal and you keep going. This is your idea of what water does to your body? Well this is not even close. While we are pretty good in talking about the importance of consuming adequate amounts of fluids for your skin and the surface of your body, we are quite clueless about what happens exactly to water after you drink.
Here’s a brief of the wondrous journey of water in our human body and its importance.

1- Water Quiches Your Thirst Before It Actually Gets In The Bloodstream.

That satiating effect you get after you help down a long glass of water is far too rapid to be an immediate reaction for your body cells to fill up with water. Thirst is a feeling triggered by the brain to sign that the body cells are beginning to shrink after they used most of the water stored in them. When you drink a glass of water a reaction called anticipatory reflex takes place where your taste buds and your guts start to register that you have intake an appropriate amount of water and salt so you stop drinking at an appropriate time. If your body will register satiety when your body cells take their sweet time to refill back on water then you may be at risk for flooding internals.

2- Water Is a Kick starter For Your Kidneys.

Your kidneys are the filtration system in your body, it eliminates toxins out of the bloodstream through urine, but it needs a proper amount of water to be able to filter the blood. Without drinking enough amounts of water regularly, your kidneys won’t be able to function its job at a good pace which then makes you at risk of developing kidney stones and diseases.
Putting your kidneys under stress by only providing minimal amounts of water to do its job is a really bad idea because you will risk other vital organs of the body like the heart and the liver.
Eight cups of water is the suitable amount of water healthy people need to drink a day, however those living in hot places or having kidney stones should drink at least 3 liters of water a day to reduce the risk of developing another stone.

3- Water Enhances Your Cognitive Performance.

Water is of an essential importance for the brain, indeed several studies proved that dehydration has a bad effect on the brain and leads to short-term memory damage and impairments in the visual motors and the working memory. Interestingly, it even goes the other way as a study done in 2000 claims that hyper hydration or drinking plenty of water actually increases short-term memory.

4- Water Keeps Your Mood Up.

Studies showed that even mild dehydration levels cause significant dips in the mood and energy levels. So if you feeling depressed or sluggish then monitor how much water you drink a day and think if it is enough.

5- Water Protects Your Joints.

Drinking enough amounts of water replenishes the cushioning in your joints that could be causing your aches. In your joints you have something called synovia fluids which is designed to keep the cartilage that protects your joints lubricated so lacking water could be causing wear and tear in the joints which then leads to inflammation and more pain.

6- Water Protects Your Spinal Cord and Brain.

Water is very essential for one of the most powerful protective mechanism to our nervous system which is the cerebrospinal fluid that runs through your spinal cord and brain to eliminate waste and keep the system balanced. This fluid is made up of 99 percent water and any drop in the hydration levels of the body will affect its function.

What A Glass Of Water Does To Our Body You Will Be Amazed

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