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What Foods Make Your Hips Big

Fat accumulation around the hips particularly is a matter that is mainly caused by your genes, some people gain weight around their midsection more while others gain far around their hip, however the types of food you eat can be blamed for your fat hips.

Certain foods like potatoes, simple carbs and sweets are the main culprits to fat hips specially if eaten and not accompanied with exercising, here is a list of what foods you should avoid if you are trying to reduce your hips size.

1- Potatoes.

Regardless to how the potatoes are cooked they are still a source of simple and easily digestible carbohydrates that cause fluctuation in the body sugar and insulin levels which lead quick hunger strike which leads to overeating. Processed potatoes specially lead to weight gain specially around the hips, a better alternative is sweet potato as it is richer in fiber and have a less effect on the blood sugar.

2- Processed and Unprocessed Meats.

A study published by the “New England Journal Of Medicine” showed that high intake of Unprocessed Meats like steaks and burgers as well as processed meats like bacon and salami is strongly associated with weight gain and fat accumulation around the hips.

3- Sweets And Deserts.

Sweets and deserts like ice creams, cookies, candies, chocolate, cakes, etc are very high in calories which will surely cause weight gain that may settle in your hips, plus these types of food offer a minimal amount of nutrition they also are not very satiating so you are very likely to remain hungry after eating them which will lead you to overeat.

4- Your Alternatives.

Eating whole foods, beans, legumes, foods rich in fiber and protein can take you a long way towards your goal of losing weight. Exercising everyday and doing exercises to tone your whole body like walking and jogging.

Foods Make Your Hips Big

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