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What Foods And Drinks Get You Dehydrated?

Our human bodies are made up of 70% water, without water our bodies won’t be able to function properly.
We lose fluids everyday through urinating, breathing and sweating so it is important to take in enough water to make up for the lost fluids and stave off dehydration that occurs when your body loses more water than it takes in.

Losing more water than your body gets will leave the cells depleted and unable to function on a proper base. Losing fluids depend on several factors such as the body’s health state, activity levels and other environmental factors such as humidity levels and temperature.

All those factors can cause mild dehydration if you are taking some amount of liquids even if not enough, however acute dehydration which is dangerous and can be fetal is caused by vomiting, sever diarrhea or excessive sweating.

What most people don’t know is that you could actually be chronically dehydrated without knowing it, symptoms of chronic dehydration include migraines, dry skin, insomnia, lack of energy, lack of concentration or mental clarity and pains in different parts of the body.

Some people think that drinking anything drink can treat dehydration and restore the body’s natural levels of fluids, however some drinks and foods can make you even more dehydrated. The following is a list of the foods and drinks that could make you dehydrated.


Coffee and other caffeinated drinks are well known as diuretics which makes you urinate more frequent resulting in losing more water of which is saved within your body cells, this is seen in those who take more than 500 milligrams coffee a day which is about five cups of coffee, if you only drink one or two you should still drink enough water to balance the lost liquids.

– Alcohol.

Alcohol is also a natural diuretic that is why you feel the urge to use the toilet every time you drink, after a night of drinking you wake up with headaches and lack of energy which are caused by the dehydration alcohol consumption caused.

– Asparagus.

Asparagus is a healthy choice in a balanced diet, however for people who are more susceptible to dehydration it could worsen the situation because it contains a diuretic compound called asparagine, however most vegetables contain a high level of water in them so it shouldn’t be a problem for normal people, other vegetables that are highly diuretic include parsley and artichokes.

– High Protein Intake.

If you are on a high protein diet you could get dehydrated if you are not drinking enough water, the body requires more water to break down the naturally occurring nitrogen found in protein so that could leave the cells depleted and cause chronic dehydration, pay more attention to meats that are salty like bacon and ham as the salt content can worsen the problem.

– Salty Foods.

When you eat foods rich in salt like canned or frozen foods, fast food, sausages, soysauce, sausages, etc, your body requires more water to flush out the excessive sodium present in salt which can contribute to dehydration if you are not drinking enough water.

– Sugary Drinks.

Drinks that are high in sugar cause an acidic environment in your intestines which impairs enzymes that are needed to metabolize all the sugar and decrease the body’s storage of water, drinks you should pay more attention to include sports drinks with sugar and sodas, even fruit juices are not excluded because they are also high in sugar.

– What To Drink Instead.

Your best choice is plain water, drink eight to ten cups of water everyday specially if you are living in a hot country and you second best choice is eating vegetables and fruits that are high in water content like Melons, watermelon, apple, grapes, cucumber and tomato.

Foods And Drinks Get You Dehydrated

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