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What are the foods and drinks that cause insomnia?

Insomnia is a disease that most of the people suffer from. It is a state of discomfort in sleep which makes the person loses his ability to sleep well. Although there are some foods that can help to treat insomnia, but there are others which can cause insomnia.

1- Excessive amounts of water: Although drinking water is very useful for avoiding many diseases, but drinking large amounts of it before sleeping makes the bladder full. As a result, it will increase the number of times you want to pee during the night and that will raise the risk of insomnia.

2- Drinks: Such as coffee and tea as well as soft drinks contain a high proportion of caffeine. Thus, they make the person unable to sleep regularly.

3- Dark chocolate: No one can control themselves with chocolate, but we should avoid it in order to avoid gaining weight. Recently, there are many studies that say that it is rich in antioxidant which is beneficial for the human body, but the studies warns of having dark chocolate before going to sleep because of its content of Tairosen which is one of the activating amino acids. Also, it contains a percentage of caffeine which helps in the occurrence of insomnia.

4- Hot foods: Although they help to get rid of excess weight, but it is not advisable to have them at night as they may cause heartburn and high body temperature which affects sleeping in a bad way.

5- Tomatoes: We can not deny their role in the prevention of heart diseases and cancer as they contain antioxidants in addition to lycopene, but tomatoes are from the citrus family. That’s why tomato sauce in pizza and pasta raise the risk of heartburn which results in sleeping disorders.

foods and drinks that cause insomnia

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