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What Your Favorite Music Genre Reveal About You

It is no myth that your favorite kind of music can tell so much about your personality. Find out from your favorite genre below whether you’re emotional, creative, outgoing, or other.


Hip-hop fans generally enjoy fast energetic rhythms and dancing; they are known for being extroverted and confident. Another aspect of theirs is being blirtatious, which means blurting out their thoughts almost immediately.


Country music fans are friendly, empathic and hardworking people. However, they’re more likely to be rather traditional and close-minded to new ideas.
Folk, Jazz and Blues
These kinds of listeners are known for their open-minded creativity and profound thinking. Jazz music helps people produce more creative thinking.


Classic music listeners are mainly described as smart and complex people. They are introverts that attain a high self-esteem and creativity. Research has shown that Beethoven SAT student fans scored more than 100 points higher than the second music entry. Lowest scores were given by those who liked a particular kind of hip-hop.

Heavy Metal

Heavy metal fans are the young version of classic fans. They are also very fragile and cuddly people despite their love for “Slayer” and “Megadeth”.


Pop fans are very nervous people who somehow show a degree of shortness of creativity. They are usually outgoing, extroverts with a high self-esteem. Pop fans listen to pop music as a mean of regulating their mood since your favorite song triggers your brain to release dopamine.


Rock is further divided into different genres. Classic rock fans are easygoing and hardworking but by some means self-centered. Indie Rock fans are more creative and open-minded. And lastly, punk rock fans are the active intense fans low in compassion. Like pop, rock fans use music to regulate their mood and tend to relate their music with their real life emotional experiences.

What Your Favorite Music Genre Reveal About You

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