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What Your Farts Say About Your Health

Your farts can send you many messages about your health.

Some type of foods can cause gas like broccoli, cabbage, almond, cauliflower, also foods that are rich in sulfur cause gas and smelly farts like meats and egg but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat those foods.
Eating foods that cause gas help the microorganisms in the guts to get nutrients, these microorganisms have an important role to play in supporting the health of your guts.

An average person produce about fourteen farts daily including smelly ones, these farts are a sign that the digestive system is working properly and they are usually a combination of swallowed gas and gas that is produced from bacteria in the lower intestines.

However farts don’t only indicate good health, those really terrible ones can be s sign that you are lactose intolerant specially when they occur after consuming dairy products, really nasty and frequent farts can also be a sign of a chronic problem like celiac disease of a festival infection like gastroenteritis.

Farting more than 20 times a day may indicate that you just ate something that stayed long in your system and produced gas, this doesn’t pose a threat in your health and can be easily changed, frequent farts can be caused by eating a carbohydrates rich diet, drinking lots of coffee, eating foods that are difficult to break down, eating a vegetarian diet or eating your meal really quickly leading to swallowing air.

If you want to prevent farts avoid foods that are rich in sulfur content like red meats, substitute them with white counterparts like chicken and fish which are easier to break down.

• Chew the food properly before swallowing, this will help your intestines to break down the food easier.

• Consume fresh fruits and juices as they are natural laxative and will help you to have a more regular bowl movement.

• Peppermint tea, Cumin seeds tea and anise tea are perfect natural remedies to reduce gas.

Farts Say About Your Health

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