What To Do As Soon As You Get A Minor Burn

Minor burns are those burns that leave a damage on the surface if the skin only or the top layer only, there are hence referred to as superficial burns or first degree burns and they can happen when you skin get in contact with hot objects, fluids, or due to over exposure to sun burn, minor burns always leave the affected area of the skin painful, red and sometimes swelling, fortunately there are many natural ways to control the pain and reduce it as much as possible, the following listed are some of the most effective home remedies you can do immediately after you get a minor burns to relieve the pain and speed up the healing process so read on.

1- Cold Water.

The first thing you want to do immediately after getting a burn is running cold water on the area to stop the burn from spreading, however do not use ice, ice will restrict the proper blood flow to the area which can cause further damage to the skin tissue, make sure to run cold water on the area every half an hour to ease the discomfort.

2- Black Tea Bags.

Black tea contain tannic Acid which will help drawing the heat away and in turn reduce the pain, you can either place a wet cold black tea bag directly on the affected area or use clean compresses to dip in cool black tea and place on the area.

3- Aloe vera.

Aloe vera is always used for skin conditions and it is always very effective, it has healing properties that can help speed up the healing of the burn, place the fresh gell of Aloe vera directly on the affected area or if you don’t have Aloe vera plant then use any skin products with Aloe vera.

4- Minty Tooth Paste.

You will need to keep a white mint Tooth paste beside you in the kitchen for any condition like this, the Minty Tooth paste will reduce the heat and in turn reduce the pain, place it gently on the affected area after you run cold water on it for about ten to twenty minutes.
What To Do As Soon As You Get A Minor Burn

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