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What Is The Best Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

What sleeping position is most comfortable for me? A question that comes on every pregnant woman’s mind, specially as the pregnancy goes by and her weight starts increasing, sleeping becomes not comfortable and sometimes even painful.

During pregnancy a lot of hormonal and physical changes happen to your body which in result disturb your sleep, among those changes are:-
– Your increased body weight.
– Your growing stomach.
– Lower back and lap pain.
Heart burn.
– Insomnia.
– Tight breath.

So What Is The Best Sleeping Position During Pregnancy?

– During the first trimester and because your stomach is still not that big and you are not putting on too much weight you can feel comfortable in almost any sleeping position, you can sleep on your back, sides or even stomach as long as you are comfortable.

– During the second and third trimester the best sleeping position is on the sides while having a pillow between your knees to support your legs and reduce the pain that usually occur to the lap and lower back during pregnancy, however try to sleep on your left side note often than your right side as you will be reducing the pressure on your cervix while allowing more blood and nutrients to flow to your unborn baby, also sleeping on the left side will take pressure off of your kidneys.

– If you are experiencing lower back pain then you better use the same sleeping position but add an extra pillow under your stomach to provide some support and another pillow behind your back you should feel more comfortable that way.
Best Sleeping Position During Pregnancy

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